NARLA on power

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Alan J. Reinach, Esq. Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty in the Pacific Union writes about modern prophets: "Seventh-day Adventists are called to fulfill a prophetic ministry. If you don’t know that, or don’t know what our prophetic calling is, maybe you need to find out. We are called to submit our lives to the powerful guiding of the Holy Spirit, and to serve God, no matter what the cost. As we begin the new year, we would do well to begin on our knees, seeking a deeper repentance, a deeper dependence, and a closer walk with God.

What is God calling for prophets to do? The essential work of a prophet is to speak truth to power. Most of us feel powerless and voiceless. We can’t speak to the powers in city hall, much less in the nation. No one will listen to us. In the current political climate, the way individuals make their voices heard in the halls of power is by organizing. It takes time to build credibility, to build relationships, and to make one’s voice heard." Read more here.

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