Nathan Brown’s “Thinking Faith” is a Lesson in Critical Thinking

Polarization is one of the many thieves of joy. Because of this, and how I’ve seen it affect several people in my denomination, I’m always a bit apprehensive when picking up a book written by Adventists, or about Adventism, even though I am Adventist myself. In working at a public university, however, I’ve realized that it isn’t just within denominations that we tend to lean towards two extremes; as humans, we do this naturally the more passionate we become about a cause, an idea, or a political party.

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Thank you, Brenna, and best wishes for a bright future in literature. It IS risky though, to think, let alone think critically, amiright? As overheard in a church hallway to a newly baptized young person : “don’t go to college, education will ruin you and cause you to lose your faith”. Just kidding, it’s worth the risk to learn to think and to practice thinking, else we would just be like a rock in the road (no offense meant to rocks…).


Education should cause you to question…question everything. It is the process of finding the answers, and what you do with the answers that is important.


Sounds like a thought-provoking book, provoking in a good sense, and what snippets are shared in this article resonates with me.

It does indeed sound very thought -provoking! I hope it can help to make a difference in Adventism and indeed the world!

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