New ADRA President Michael Kruger Shares His Plans

Michael Kruger took the helm of ADRA after President Jonathan Duffy resigned in October. Kruger steps up to the role from his previous job as vice president of finance at the agency. In this interview he talks about changes in ADRA and international development, his goals for the agency, and ideas for making the ADRA administration more diverse.

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Congratulations to the new ADRA President and I hope/pray that he can accomplish all of this goals for the organization.

What saddens me is the “dumbing down” of ADRA ever since Ted Wilson became President. There used to be information given out and adverts every month or so in churches about ADRA. I used to think that it was the only truly “Social Gospel” organization that SDAs ran that regularly interfaced with the “World”. But after TW took office, it was if ADRA disappeared and no new information regarding the organization appeared. Hopefully…this will improve with the new President.

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