New Bible Study Guide Launched for Millennials

Yes but it’s reframed from a guilt/innocence framework to a oneness/separation framework.

That’s tough to explain without reproducing the study but the bottom line is secular thinkers don’t understand guilt/innocence frameworks because they don’t inhabit a religious world and they don’t generally believe in moral absolutes. So guilt/innocence explanations not the gospel go over their heads.

Oneness and separation is a theme that undergirds the social justice pursuit of a planetary village and is a much better framework for explaining the gospel to secular Millennials etc.

There aren’t any studies on EGW in this set. Some of her work is introduced on the side but there isn’t any agenda to convince ppl she is a prophet.

I explain it a bit more in one of my other replies below. Check it out. Let me know if u have anymore questions.

Yes. And by the way, the approach isn’t merely softer it’s also healthier. Part of the sets design is to innoculate the mind away from speculation, conspiracy theories and fundamentalism.

By seal of God I mean the Holy Spirit not Sabbath observance. I do believe Sabbath as a rhythm is relevant to that discussion but it’s a minor point in light of the bigger theme of being filled by God’s Spirit.

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I just ordered a copy.
Thank you, Marcos, for your work on this project and for the interview and dialogue here.

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Thank you for your reply…much appreciated.

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Thank you Carmen! Means a lot :smiley:

And much more to come so watch this space :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking time to reply. Much appreciated.

You may not believe the above requirements needed for membership. But they are part of our fundamental beliefs, claimed to be based on Bible. No one is baptised into our church who does not accept EGW as the prophet of the remnant Church.

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