New Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists Launches

The new Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists, an exhaustive online source of all things Adventist, launches today, says David Trim, Director of the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research at the General Conference. In this interview, he explains the complex process in preparing articles and some of the things readers can expect to find.

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There are no entries, yet, for haystacks, Desmond Ford, or even Ellen G. White.

This SDA “Wikipedia” is clearly an important and needed service that, no doubt, will grow and become more robust over time.

But when Dr. Trim says, “I am somewhat disappointed that we have not got more articles online for the launch,” I can only agree. This is a beta, maybe an alpha; not ready for prime-time.


P.S. There is, however, an excellent, lengthy (46 printed pages) entry on Glacier View, just in time for its 40th anniversary, next month, August 11-15. (Just now, I quickly grabbed that detail from Wikipedia, though it actually started on the 10th; a Sunday, according to an attendee.)

Pop a cork…of Martinelli’s!

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One wonders, will we also own Malcolm Little, Prince, Little Richard, David Koresh, Jeff Pippenger, ?

Seems we have no problem lionizing Richard Wayne Penniman with services and interment on hallowed Oakwood ground, but cannot permit same dignities for Des.

I see other pariahs; Brinsmead, Kellogg, etc…
those who paid the personal price for “hetertodoxy at any cost”.

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