New Innovative Documentary Series Filmed in Sinai

Situated in a remote valley on the Sinai Peninsula stands a small Christian monastery that has withstood the ravages of time and history since 565 AD. It is one of the oldest working monasteries in the world—and is filled with hidden treasures.

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The real Mt Sinai is in Saudia…you are miles off…

The ‘real’ Mt Sinai may well be somewhere else, although there is a lot of evidence that this location was regarded as a holy mountain from very early on in Christian history. However, the documentary is more about the codex found in the monastery at the base of the mountain, rather than about geography. The later short programmes in the series will be sharing highlights from the biblical story - the hope is to draw in an audience that may not be so biblically literate. That even happened when we were on the mountain as we shared with a young Australian couple who had climbed the mountain but knew nothing of the story. It was a wonderful, God given opportunity.


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