News Headlines: Adventist Health System Florida Will Use Palm-scanning Technology for Patients (And More!)

Adventist Health System Florida Will Use Palm-scanning Technology for Patients. Florida Hospital Fish Memorial, Florida Hospital DeLand, Shawnee Mission Health, and Chippewa Valley Hospital will be the first Adventist Health facilities to use a biometric identification, palm-scanning technology. The organization has begun the implementation of PatientSecure, a device that uses near-infrared light to scan the palm and then link the unique biometric trait to each patient's electronic health record.  "One of the first and most important steps in the care-delivery process is accurate patient identification. PatientSecure gives our facilities an advanced tool to digitally link each patient to their unique personal health record," said Brent Snyder, chief information officer for Adventist Health System. From Adventist Health System, “Adventist Health System Implements Biometric Identification System to Improve Security and Efficiency.”

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“Before God fulfills His promise to bless and rain down His blessings on us, we must seek him and expunge corruption, injustice, and inequity from every area of our national and private lives,”

There is so much wrong in this statement but it starts out with the word…“Before”. Basically the statement is that God cannot bless without removing all the evils mentioned in it. Such an unbiblical statement that reeks of the error of “Perfectionism”.


Biggest case of pot, kettle, black ever?

@McMurphy @niteguy2


What about what Jesus said –
God sends the rain on the Just AND the Un-Just.
Rain at that time meant Wealth, Pay check, Daily needs, Daily bread.
God Blesses everyone, just because He IS God. that is who He IS.

I dont know where President Brown, and LEADER of Jamaica picked up his theology,
but it certainly IS NOT Biblical.
Now humans, ourselves, can become so dysfunctional that we create a corrupt and
dangerous society, but even then, God attempts to do good things. Like RAIN. Make
Creation create all around us. And bring us blessings.
That IS NOT the true picture of God in the Bible.

EDIT-- I wonder if those in the audience realized he was telling them a Theological falsehood?


Adventist Health System Florida Will Use Palm-scanning Technology for Patients.
I thought this was a headline from Barely Adventist.

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Yeah, rumors will fly far and wide that an Adventist hospital engages in palm-reading! :grinning:

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They have banned the installation of new palm trees at LL, as their roots do not go deep enough, they are non-native and may be introducing unsanctioned microspores into the environment the consequent of which we can not tell.

May it be blessed.


Hmm, palm reading. I can hear the rumor mongers already claiming tarro cards with be next. Maybe this is the mark of the beast in the hand. :wink: