News Headlines: Carolina Conference VP Blesses Veggie Meat Factory

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Ice Bucket Challenge Pales in Comparison. Union College students, religion major in Douglas Barahona and math/religion education major Seth Moturi, survived the Polar Challenge on December 8 near the Aitkin Seventh-day Adventist Church in Alaska. Barahona and Moturi, who were part of a four-student team with Campus Ministries, had planned to help with the Aitkin church service, and in the evening, join some members playing volleyball. However, they were surprised to be challenged to a Polar Plunge. From, "Taking the Polar Plunge."

Carolina Conference VP Blesses Veggie Meat. Rick Russell, vice president and treasurer of the Carolina Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, blessed Atlantic Natural Foods' (AFT) Nashville-based manufacturing facility on December 11. ANF, a flagship investment of AFT Holdings, Inc., acquired the Loma Linda brand of canned shelf stable plant-based, alternative meat analog, and Kaffree Roma products this fall. Holdings Inc. Chairman J. Douglas Hines, Mayor Donald B. Street, principal members of (ANF), stakeholders, and associates were present for the ceremony. From the Digital Journal, "AFT Chairman, Local Officials Attend Adventist 'Blessing' of Atlantic Natural Foods Facility."

Ghanaian Monarch Pledges Support for Adventist Church. In Ghana, the absolute monarch of the Ashanti people, the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has commissioned a three-story building for the Ashtown branch of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Noting the rekindled relationship between the Manhyia Palace and the Adventist church, he pledged support for the church. Augustine Adu Gyamfi from the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection, charged the church to speak against sexual abuse such as rape and defilement and other moral decadence in the society. Nana Baafour Osei Hyeaman Brantuo VI said the church and other religious bodies were agents of socialization and were required to train children to become better assets to society. From, "Otumfuo: Christians must contribute to national dev't."

La Sierra Professor Exhibits Original Art in Bulgaria. In November, La Sierra University Assistant Professor of Art Tim Musso exhibited his wood engraving print titled, "Rite of the Dendroctonus Jefferyi" in an international art show titled “Contemporary U.S. Printmaking,” sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria. Musso attended the opening and participated in a roundtable discussion. From, "Art prof’s work exhibited in elite U.S. Embassy show."

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, CA.

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That artwork is really cool. Would make an awesome metal album cover. Thanks for the link.

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I am wondering how some hireling of the denominational conference gets to control the fortunes of “a specialty coffee producer”, “the leading US Flag tuna fleet”, and “a property developer targeting mid-to high-end properties in middle markets”. It sounds to me like a ringing endorsement of the back-to-ignorance program established in 2010.

Trust God.

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So are you into heavy metal still?

David R.

(Carolyn Parsons) #5

I had no idea that a pastor could (or should) bless a private company. Is there historical precedence for this?

(Rohan Charlton) #6

Sure. I play lead guitar in a metal band in Japan.

Merry Christmas!


In Japan? I think I’ve seen you guys play :wink:

And a merry xmas to you! And everyone at Spectrum :christmas_tree:

(Rohan Charlton) #8

You too Tony! I’m hoping someone uploads last nights carols by candlelight so I can watch it on online somewhere. Miss it a lot.

Have a great Xmas!

(David P R) #9

Assuming you’re a Christian and assuming you’re an Adventists - do you find that this is counterproductive to the Christian experience and the cause of Jesus?

My whole life was music - heavy metal. I started out in the early 70’s with Grand Funk Railroad and KISS. Then moved on to Priest, Maiden, Saxon, Motorhead, Venom, and literally every metal band almost know (even Saber Tiger) and culminating with a final collection of over 2000 vinyls, CD collection of 4000 (yes four-thousand).

I became an Adventist in 1990 but at that time I never gave up my music addiction. I left the Lord in the later 90’s and the Lord got my attention in the earlier 2000s. But once again I was faced with the same problem I had before - my music problem. I literally felt I couldn’t live without this music as I lived it so much. Surprisingly I had never tried a drug or drank, music was my drug as it was everything to me.

But Jesus is so good - one evening with one short prayer I laid it out to the Lord and said “You have got to do something about this, because I cannot.” Literally as I opened my eyes from that prayer it felt as though a weight had been lifted. It was over. I have never listened to this stuff since. I gave away, sold, or threw away the whole collection. Sold all 3 of my guitars, all my pedals, and my Marshall half stack. I really felt liberated from the grip of the Devil. I have something better now.

I’m not coming to you with any condemnation I just wanted to give you my testimony and hopefully encourage you to live a closer life with Jesus.

David R.

(Warren Ruf) #10

Blessing prayers are a long (ancient) Christian tradition and an emerging Adventist practice. While it seems self serving to elevate such a prayer to a headline, perhaps prayer is appropriate since the Loma Linda/Worthington brand has a shrinking market that is almost exclusively Adventist.This company could use a miracle.

(le vieux) #11

Looking at the ingredients of many of the Loma Linda and Worthington products, they might need a lot of blessing to be fit for human consumption. :wink: We sell very few of their products. Our customers don’t want them. Many of them have artificial colors, artificial flavors, MSG, etc., etc. And what about the soy and corn; is it GMO-free? Not likely. They are being left in the dust by companies which have cleaned up their act and use real ingredients, non-GMO soy and corn, and so on.

They’re still stuck in the 1950’s when most companies were using those kinds of ingredients. The regional sales rep for Worthington used to stop by monthly to see how we were doing. He saw the handwriting on the wall, and had spoken to the company about cleaning up their act. For the most part it fell on deaf ears. That was back in the days when we used to get a good sized order each month from the ABC. Now, we don’t order every month because it’s hard to scrape enough together for a minimum order. All this would not be happening if they had kept up with times, nutritionally speaking, that is.

(Carolyn Parsons) #12

And they changed the recipe for Linkettes, so they are dead to me. :smile:

(Thomas J Zwemer) #13

back in the late 40’ early 60’s LLUsponcered a medial/dental mission trip to Southern Mexio. we were gifted with Loma Linda canned Foods. at bus stops we would have lunch on Loma Lida Proust. starving dogs would surround or table, several members of the group would throw the dogs linkettes. the dogs would sniff and turn away. our children called them food substitutes. Graham Mawell got a good laugh out of that. The product needs more than prayer. Tom Z

(Rohan Charlton) #14

So awesome to read your thoughtful reply.I’ll post my response properly when I have time.Ro

(Steve Mga) #15

I dont know how it is in the rest of the country, but there is a lot of competition for vegan foods and meat substitutes here in the Macon, Ga area in both Kroger and Publics. Per Centage of shelf space for products is at a premium. sometimes it is even difficult to find Morning Star Brand products as their space is taken up by another brand.
Unfortunately, both Loma Linda and Worthington have been left in the dust by the other “healthy food” producers. Their management has been asleep at the wheel for a long time.

(Chris Blake24) #16

Our Union students Seth and Doug’s polar plunge likely would not make headlines in Alaska–just check out the 13-year-old kid who went in with them. (A day at the beach! :wink: Glad you’re pursuing noble aims and you joined in the fun. I am curious who was first up the ladder . . .

(Rohan Charlton) #17

I’ll write a bit while I have a second…

Firstly as a metal fan through and through I respect your pedigree! Maiden and Priest are seminal bands. Still going strong. Venom while being hugely influential, were literally a joke. Their album Black Metal coined my favorite genre. Bathory created the sound, Venom created the name…My mate’s arrived at the bar…gotta go.will continue another time. Sorry!

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I learnt guitar for metal. Firstly the usual Metallica, Zepplin,Sabbath and then moved on to Malmsteen (I play his signature Strat) Satriani and Vai. Just to give you an idea of where I’m at…

I’ll say that although I do love metal, I’ve never been a buyer or collector like yourself. I rarely buy metal music. I listen to a lot of classical music, recently Vaughn Williams ‘The Lark Ascending’ and Goddard Joclyn for cello. I feel a strong connection between classical music and metal.

Hence the joy I feel as I express myself musically. I guess that’s what it comes down to. I love playing music. Ripping a solo is a thrilling experience. That’s where i’m coming from

Gotta go.More later!

(Rohan Charlton) #19

Heavy metal from its conception, demonic and lucifarian? No argument from me! It is an intensely spiritual genre. Iron Maiden: Infinite Dreams…Those lyrics…So spiritually resonant and evocative.

We see an entire sub genre, black metal, devoted entirely to spirituality. Powerful, intricately theological, philosophical and provocative. It is a serious esoteric form of music that poses deep questions.

More later…

(Rohan Charlton) #20

Extreme metal, more than any other genre, explicitly and purposely references the Great Controversy. Most who are unacquainted with metal would be amazed at the purposeful theological content and awareness contained in the lyrical themes and artwork of extreme metal bands.

Metal is a genre of stunning captivating beauty and spiritual depth…