News Headlines: 'Coming Out' Comes to Bermuda

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'Coming Out' Comes to Bermuda. Southampton Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bermuda hosted a service featuring three members of the Coming Out Ministries: Mike Carducci, Wayne Blakely, and Danielle Harrison. The three say that they no longer practice a homosexual lifestyle, having been healed. They see homosexuality as a choice. The event, attended by hundreds, was disapproved by the Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer rights organization. From the Royal Gazette, "Hundreds attend church event with 'ex-gays'."

Two Adventists Vying for Barbados Assembly Seat. Adventists Dave Cumberbatch, an attorney at law, and hotel executive Colin Jordon are vying for an assembly seat in Barbados. However, president of the East Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Danforth Francis stated that no Adventist churches will serve to support the men's political campaigns. From Nation News, "Seventh-day Adventist Church has made clear that its pulpits will not be used to push political messages."

Conference President, Five Others in Zambian Court for False Accounting. Six employees of the Copperbelt Zambia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists have appeared in court for 30 counts of fraudulent false accounting of church funds amounting to K986,000 (approximately $10,4980 at current exchange rate). Conference president Daniel Chuunga, Pastor Abel Koti, a chief finance officer, John Chishimba, an accountant at the conference, Mono Munachonga, an accountant, Wellington Zemba, stewardship director, Rodgers Nshindo, and an office orderly at the conference appeared before Ndola Chief Resident Magistrate Paul Chisha for improper accounting. Copperbelt Zambia Conference executive secretary Justin Chapuswike told the court that in March last year an audit by the General Conference Auditing Services had revealed financial irregularities. From Times of Zambia, "SDA Officials Appear In Court."

Large Donations to WAU will Fund New Facilities. Washington Adventist University has announced record-setting donations of more than $357,000. The money donated in December, 2014 will help fund a new Health Professions, Science and Wellness building, a new annex to the music building, improvements in specific academic departments, and will provide student aid. From Washington Adventist University, "Record Donations Support Enhanced Operations and Increased Scholarships."

Adventist Health Online Assessment Calculates Heart Age. Adventist Health’s online Heart Health Assessment is a five-minute test that provides a user with a personalized report detailing information about his/her heart health, risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, and steps to take toward living a heart-healthy lifestyle. Katherine Strelich, a cardiologist at Adventist Medical Center in Southeast Portland, recommends the test for women especially during February which is American Heart Month. From Portland Tribune, "What age is your heart?"

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, CA.

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(Carolyn Parsons) #2

This s a very good development that the auditors would refer the case to the authorities. Now to get the rest of the SDA leadership crooks to appear before the courts to face the law.

(Steve Mga) #3

If you read the Bermuda Article "100s attend church event with ‘ex-gays’ ", be sure to read the 2 related articles that are posted under the advertisement square on the left.

  1. “Traumatized” during “ex-gays” event.
  2. Dismay over Church event with “ex-gays”.

(Carolyn Parsons) #4

Indeed @niteguy2

Here’s quote from the “Traumatized during ex-gays event” article. Where an LGBT rights campaigner from Bermuda retells her experience at the conference.

She said an audience member then asked whether there were certain types of food you could avoid to reduce your chance of becoming gay. But what really affected Ms Pringle, she said, was a statement by Mr Blakely that many homosexual males had been molested by other men, that they might have experienced some pleasure from being raped, and that it had led to confusion about their sexuality.

This kind of stigmatization of LGBT people is why being an LGBT SDA person can be so damaging.

(Mitchell Naden) #5

Is it possible that someone could EDIT the piece before it’s published online?

(Steve Mga) #6

Mr Blakely also stated that if you have 2 little kids of the same sex and they bathe together, this ALSO leads to confusion about themselves.
He didnt address living in the same bedroom [bunkbeds] and dressing and undressing in front of each other. I guess as long as there is no “water” involved with same-sex sibling nudity it is OK. No harm done.

(Jonathan Cook) #7

It is incredibly dangerous for the Adventist Church to assert that so-called ‘change ministries’ are effective. In fact, it is against the law to do so in California. It is willfully ignorant of science. Mike Carducci, Wayne Blakely and Danielle Harrison are elevated as examples of people who have ‘changed.’ While each of their stories is unique to them, it is grossly different than the experience that I, and many other LGBT Adventists have experienced.

Rather than holding expensive summits in South Africa to talk about LGBT people without inviting any of us, and promoting ‘Coming Out Ministries’ in a tour of the Caribbean and Europe, they should instead invest their resources in loving and affirming their LGBT members who are involved in the church. We are members of local congregations, attend Adventist colleges/universities, and work in many Adventist institutions. We exist. We matter, and we’re not going anywhere!

(David P R) #8

Again - isn’t this inappropriate? To make such a broad statement about SDA leadership being crooks in a legal sense?

What if I were to say that the leadership of Spectrum were all crooks in the legal sense? I would surely get struck out and thrown off. But there’s no bias on this site.

David R.

(k_Lutz) #9

Yes, lets cover up for the crooks so my precious lordship does not appear lily-white! Nice priorities.

Trust the Process.

(Elmer Cupino) #10

Another “good outcome” from a religious organization. Has there ever been a “bad outcome” from any religious organization random controlled study? Or is the term “random controlled study from a religious organization” a contradiction in terms?

(Carolyn Parsons) #11

I meant those who are crooks.

(George Tichy) #12

What about a Non-Random Controlled AC?

(Elmer Cupino) #13

Such as the presentation “in St. George, where even non-Adventist advocates of Flood-based geological models were invited to present, while qualified Adventist critics of this approach were excluded.”- Gerald Bryant, PhD

Have the GC taken a page off from the “Amtrak Book of Management?”

(Yoyo7th) #14

“they should instead invest their resources in loving and affirming their LGBT members who are involved in the church”

Which means EXACTLY WHAT?

(Tom Loop) #15

So this is the Bermuda Triangle, huh. Is there any way to access on line an actual live recording of the discussion by these three in this “Coming Out in Bermuda”? I want to hear the discussion session with my own two ears, just like I did when I listened to Wayne Blakeley and Ron Woolsey at the conference on homosexuality at Andrews in 2009. I met both of them there.
I have never met Mike Carducci, but I definately remember seeing his live performance at GYC where he went on an obnoxious rant saying gays were demon possessed.

I reckon you give some people a bully pulpit and they will act like bullies sometimes. The church definitely needs to hear from some other voices than just these three. To me at least, their table is much too small. I will never question their sincerity, but pardon me if I say that I find little comfort in all their posturing about love. It should give anyone gay about as much warmth as telling them they won’t freeze to death while they are being burned at the stake. @daneenakers

(Robert Sonter) #16

Well said! Bravo!


(Tom Loop) #17

A non-random controlled AC?? George, this is the wrong time of year to turn the AC on. But then again, it does seem like the church has the AC on in the winter, so they can first give gays a cold shoulder, and the heat is turned up in the summer so they can really feel the heat before they are tossed into hell for a final roasting! As Winston Churchill would probably say, “Never has so much, been done by so many to so few.” Did I say that right? Oh well, I think you get the point. Some folks have everything upsidedown, so I suppose I’m in sync with those who claim homosexuality is a choice. Say George, did you choose your heterosexuality ? Could you please enlighten us all here on the time you can first remember making such a choice? I think we need a straight persons testimony to be given in church so the rest of the church can hear it straight from the horses mouth.

Wait a minute that might not work if the horse is gay. .I suppose we will never know will we. But there may be some signs that Mr. Blakeley could tell that could help in making a determination, like if two mares are caught pulling the same buggy, or two stallions are chasing each other in the field. Never know what might be going on in the barn when no one is looking. Not much horse sense to that is there?

Are these conversations on Spectrum going anywhere lately, or we all on a wild goose chase. Ah the geese, the geese, let me tell you about the geese. They think they should be allowed to pair up anyway they want. Like the old saying goes, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Frankly I’m getting a little tired of this game of chicken.

I need to go, because I hear the rooster crowing. Yup, it’s burning daylight. Isn’t that about right George, the roosters do all the crowing, but it’s the hens that deliver the goods.
They need at least an equal place on the roost in the hen house. Maybe even a little more, because without the hens there would be no hen house. Think about it George, a hen house full of rooster crowing their heads off. Not a single egg among then. Doesn’t it sound about right?

Oh well, have a nice day. I’m outta here, before some chicken with its head cut off comes along and starts throwing rotten eggs at me. Have a nice day. Say would you check the henhouse and see how many eggs are laid today. I’ll be back later. @kennlutz @elmer_cupino @bongoangola @ageis7 @Bille @robert_sonter @niteguy2 @cincerity @TonyR @coojonathan

(Carolyn Parsons) #18

Pretty much going nowhere, and fast :smile:

What I have not heard is: what is responsible sexuality? What apart from the bible should guide us? There are many things:

Avoid having unwanted children
Avoid transmitting STD’s
Respect your partner
Love makes sex more meaningful
Sex without love is still enjoyable but must be engaged in responsibly
Sex outside of marriage is not a value I share, but if engaged in, it must be doe responsibly.

I think we can see where I am going: respect and responsibility is the key. The vast majority of LGBT SDA people I know hold responsibility very highly. Their ideal is generally a committed relationship which includes marriage if available to them. Some have chosen not to be sexually active outside of a committed relationship or marriage. I have seen young couples get married and couples that have been together for 30 years get married; a non-SDA friend I know got married after over 35 years together with her partner. I have known a couple where one partner was chronically ill being taken care of in the home by his partner. I have seen same gender partners raising their partner’s biological children. I have seen same gender couples adopt children.

I have seen so many different versions of responsibility, which some people don’t acknowledge instead they focus on the “dirty sex” act.

(Kim Green) #19

Hang in there, Brother…we are with you.

(Elaine Nelson) #20

BigTom, you have made the art of humor a conversation masterpiece! So earthy and so apt. Growing up in the South I’ve always admired the pithy and brutally truthful way of saying things that are short and direct to the point.

Do you remember Tennesse Ernie Ford? He had a little booklet of all the country quotes that were so remarkable for their succinct and short quips.