News Headlines: Loma Linda University Graduate Appointed Florida's Interim Surgeon General (and More!)

Loma Linda University Graduate Appointed Florida's Interim Surgeon General. Florida Governor Rick Scott has appointed Loma Linda University graduate Dr. Celeste Philip as the state's interim Surgeon General. Philip replaces Dr. John Armstrong, who was the Surgeon General since 2012. The Florida State Senate did not appoint Dr. Armstrong for a second term. Dr. Philip graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Spanish. She later received a Master of Public Health in maternal and child health and a Doctor of Medicine from Loma Linda University. She completed her residency at Florida Hospital in Orlando. From Los Angeles Times, "Dr. Celeste Philip appointed Florida interim Surgeon General." See also: "Dr. Celeste Philip Appointed Deputy Secretary for Health and Deputy State Health Officer for Children's Medical Services" (October 2013).

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There is something about the ritual, the reverence, the architecture, the history, the music, that has always appealed to me about the Catholic Church. I always said that if I could have found a way to create Catholic Adventism, I would have. lol. However, having said that. I just can’t understand going from the truths of the state of the dead and annihilation to embrace the veneration of Mary, transubstantiation, the rosary, the immortality of the soul and eternal torment of the wicked. I find much fault with the SDA church and really have fallen away from it. Though I reject the investigative judgement, and the end time prophecies and the mark of the beast, the aforementioned doctrines are so biblically sound and rock solid, that I just don’t understand how one can go back totally on it and go the opposite direction.

It should not be so difficult to understand why someone would leave Adventism for Catholicism. Adventists have always been a “head” religion: the right facts and doctrines are what distinguishes them.

For Catholics, it is an experience of the heart, something not verbalized or with many doctrinal statements that must be affirmed to become part of the Adventist family.

Several years ago a former Adventist who frequented this site emailed me privately that after studying that was prompted to historical discussions here, visited a Greek Orthodox church and was overcome with emotions and felt what he had longed for: a deep closeness to God in silently observing the liturgies and rituals which are part of those religions.

This topic: religion or spirituality, was discussed on another thread here. To understand the difference, one only need visit the churches which emphasize the necessity of accepting many doctrinal positions and those which have centuries old rituals that allow individuals to experience quietly their own heart felt needs.

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i would be very interested in hearing michael martling’s reasoning for switching to catholicism…it’s difficult to understand how true, heartfelt adventism can be persuaded to mutate into a religion that’s all about forms and ceremonies, not to mention a number of obvious myths, like rigorous male headship, purgatory, transubstantiation, infant baptism and the veneration of saints…it must be that he got to a point where he disbelieved all our distinctive doctrines, including the role the catholic church is predicted to play in the future…

but i’ve known catholics who became adventists - our own tony here grew up orthodox…these individuals seem to really gravitate towards egw and our end-time understanding, and to make a point of understanding our distinctive doctrines…

if the denomination is laodicean, it doesn’t mean we individually need to be…after-all, daniel and the three hebrew worthies were all castrated in babylon, but what did that have to do with their obvious faith…

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There is a reason EGW wrote…

Many Protestants suppose that the Catholic religion is unattractive and that its worship is a dull, meaningless round of ceremony. Here they mistake. While Romanism is based upon deception, it is not a coarse and clumsy imposture. The religious service of the Roman Church is a most impressive ceremonial. Its gorgeous display and solemn rites fascinate the senses of the people and silence the voice of reason and of conscience. The eye is charmed. Magnificent churches, imposing processions, golden altars, jeweled shrines, choice paintings, and exquisite sculpture appeal to the love of beauty. The ear also is captivated. The music is unsurpassed. The rich notes of the deep-toned organ, blending with the melody of many voices as it swells through the lofty domes and pillared aisles of her grand cathedrals, cannot fail to impress the mind with awe and reverence. – {GC 566.2}
This outward splendor, pomp, and ceremony, that only mocks the longings of the sin-sick soul, is an evidence of inward corruption. The religion of Christ needs not such attractions to recommend it. In the light shining from the cross, true Christianity appears so pure and lovely that no external decorations can enhance its true worth. It is the beauty of holiness, a meek and quiet spirit, which is of value with God. – {GC 566.3}
Brilliancy of style is not necessarily an index of pure, elevated thought. High conceptions of art, delicate refinement of taste, often exist in minds that are earthly and sensual. They are often employed by Satan to lead men to forget the necessities of the soul, to lose sight of the future, immortal life, to turn away from their infinite Helper, and to live for this world alone. – {GC 567.1}
A religion of externals is attractive to the unrenewed heart. The pomp and ceremony of the Catholic worship has a seductive, bewitching power, by which many are deceived; and they come to look upon the Roman Church as the very gate of heaven. None but those who have planted their feet firmly upon the foundation of truth, and whose hearts are renewed by the Spirit of God, are proof against her influence. Thousands who have not an experimental knowledge of Christ will be led to accept the forms of godliness without the power. Such a religion is just what the multitudes desire. – {GC 567.2}
The church’s claim to the right to pardon leads the Romanist to feel at liberty to sin; and the ordinance of confession, without which her pardon is not granted, tends also to give license to evil. He who kneels before fallen man, and opens in confession the secret thoughts and imaginations of his heart, is debasing his manhood and degrading every noble instinct of his soul. In unfolding the sins of his life to a priest,—an erring, sinful mortal, and too often corrupted with wine and licentiousness,—his standard of character is lowered, and he is defiled in consequence. His thought of God is degraded to the likeness of fallen humanity, for the priest stands as a representative of God. This degrading confession of man to man is the secret spring from which has flowed much of the evil that is defiling the world and fitting it for the final destruction. Yet to him who loves self-indulgence, it is more pleasing to confess to a fellow mortal than to open the soul to God. It is more palatable to human nature to do penance than to renounce sin; it is easier to mortify the flesh by sackcloth and nettles and galling chains than to crucify fleshly lusts. Heavy is the yoke which the carnal heart is willing to bear rather than bow to the yoke of Christ. – {GC 567.3}


This is what I thought too.
The article cites this important quote…
“The more he studied Catholicism, the more he found answers to his questions and an emptiness in his Seventh-day Adventist faith."

The above quote is what begs for explanation/elaboration.
I talk with Catholics on the internet about every week.
They are not the ignorant, pew warmer Catholics.
I have told people in the SDA church that there is more scripture exposure in Catholic masses than in most SDA (“people of the book”) churches each Sabbath.
My experience, though, is that attending masses is such a boring and shallow experience. At least their churches are not noisy like most SDA churches I have attended over the years…(40+)

I am not surprised at the switch of Martling…most SDA sermons and SS classes are so superficial and /or obscure, almost meaningless, religious lingo sessions.

What does one expect from the lukewarm, poor , blind, naked Laodicean denomination?


I can agree with most of what you have to say. But as a Roman Catholic who was an SDA Sabbath School teacher for well nigh three decades I can only write that the mass is not only deeply biblically based sacrament but is also profoundly spiritual experience. It was only a week or two ago when I attended an Adventist communion service. There is absolutely no comparison where it comes to the solemnity, profoundly high Christology and deep sense of awe which one experiences personally when attending mass.