News Headlines: Loma Linda University Health Wins Health/Science Emmy (and More!)

India Court Denies Sabbath Exam Exception. The Bengaluru, India, court rejected a petition filed by South Central India Union to reschedule the II pre-university supplementary exams which were scheduled on Saturdays for SDA student Justin Josh. Justice Aravind Kumar said the Bible verses quoted by the petitioner do not indicate that Saturday alone is a Sabbath day and that a student cannot study on that day. The government opposed the petition, saying any interference would have an adverse impact on the examination/evaluation and further admission processes. From Times of India, “Exam on Sabbath day doesn’t violate right to freedom of religion.”

Jamaican Adventist Hospital May Fire Employees for "Biblical Sins.” In its effort to uphold "high moral and ethical standards," Seventh-day Adventist-operated Andrews Memorial Hospital administrators have threatened disciplinary action, up to dismissal, of staff who commit the "biblical sins" of fornication or adultery. Employees involved in theft, murder, loud and lascivious behavior, and sexual harassment could also be fired. After an unmarried nurse became pregnant this year, it became mandatory for all female employees employed in 2016 to sign an agreement document and to have a copy placed in their files. From Jamaica Gleaner, “Sex police - Seventh-day Adventist-operated hospital threatens to dismiss staff guilty of fornication or adultery.”

Adventist Concrete Worker Sues Employer for Religious Discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against Greenville Ready Mix Concrete Inc. of Winterville, North Carolina, for allegedly discriminating against a former employee based on his religious convictions. Michael Cole says he was fired from his job as a truck driver after became a Seventh-day Adventist and refused to continue to work on a Saturday. From The News & Observer, “Feds file discrimination lawsuit against Winterville concrete company.”

Loma Linda University Health Wins Health/Science Emmy. Loma Linda University Health advancement films earned its 13th Emmy®. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded Life on the Line its first Emmy® Award in the category of health/science program at the 42nd Annual Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards in Rancho Mirage. The winning episode, “Rough Beginning,” features the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center and NICU at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. From Loma Linda University, “Another Emmy® win for advancement films.”

Oregon Adventist Hospital Creates Local Fitness Trail. Oregon's Tillamook Regional Medical Center, owned and operated by Adventist Health, proposed Dairylands Trail, a two-mile fitness trail. The Tillamook City Council approved the plan and named Adventist Health as trail manager. Stations, constructed from recycled milk jugs to hold up in coastal weather, will include instructions for those walking the trail to perform various exercises and stretches along the way. From Tillamook County Pioneer, “Dairylands Trail to offer fitness stations on Tillamook’s 3rd Street from TBCC to Tillamook Regional Medical Center."

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, California.

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As if the hospital administrators aren’t the worst (or best!?) of the lot at that kinda thing :yum:

Hypocrisy is definitely the worst ‘Biblical Sin’ happening here.[quote=“spectrumbot, post:1, topic:11166”]
After an unmarried nurse became pregnant this year,

It seems that it’s always the ladies who suffer the most from this kind of Taliban-esque lunacy.


That is why Josph married Mary. Tom Z


Jamaican SDA Hospital to fire nursing employees for “biblical sins” of fornication and adultery.WOW!!! In context, what does this proposal amount to ? While attempting to uphold “biblical standards” we ,at one and the same time, WORSHIP (as sinless) a man whom we PROUDLY declare,in effect, to be illegitimate and therefore the son of God and not of Mary’s legal husband ,Joseph. What gives?


From the article:
“After an unmarried nurse became pregnant this year, it became mandatory for all female employees employed in 2016 to sign an agreement document and to have a copy placed in their files.”

All female employees? Good grief!


I wouldnt want to be a KNOWN SDA in Jamaica and be asked about this!!
I would have to hang my head in shame. But THEN, I am an American, not a Jamaican.


So male employees do not have to sign a virginity pledge? Guess Jamacia doesn’t have equality yet. What is planned for the females? Gyn inspection and pregnancy tests?

They are based on the same biblical standards found throughout the Bible: It’s always only women commit those sins?


Maybe a Spectrum reporter could make an inquiry to the HR department at this hospital.

Yes, Elaine…what are the expectations/requirements for the males?


My heart goes out to this poor woman!

It is always the “nice” girls who get pregnant.
They are not pre-mediating sexual encounters but get caught due to the overwhelming ecstasy of the moment.

The savvy, sophisticated women who plan their sexual encounters ahead, make sure to be on birth control,
or insist on their boyfriends wearing condoms.

Could it have been that this unfortunate woman was even raped?

Her dismissal was unfair, because undoubtedly she has fellow nurses
engaging in sex while practicing safety precautions. They just do not get caught!

On the other hand it is refreshing to see on an Adventist blog site, a heterosexual transgression FINALLY getting coverage!

The Adventist right is so obsessed with homosexual sins, it would appear from most Adventist blog postings that homosexuality is the ONLY sexual transgression in Adventist communities!


I thought that Jesus said, “the Sabbath was made for man?” That is for his betterment, not as a determent. Keeping the Sabbath “holy” has to do with the heart and the human spirit. How can taking a test on Sabbath create an un-holy spirit or lessen heart devotion? The 4th commandment is prescribed in the setting of daily physical labor that involves “your male servant…female servant,” employees (slaves one owns) and “your cattle,” your farm animals, “within your gates,” on your farm land. The 4th commandment address exhausting physical labor that allows no time for quiet or public devotion.

I fail to see how the 4th commandment is disrespected by taking an exam that opens the door for a life of service and honorable employment.