News Headlines: Loma Linda University NICU Featured in Honda TV Ad

LLU Children’s Hospital Featured in SoCal Honda TV Ad. Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital’s (LLUCH) neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is featured in a recent Southern California Honda Dealer’s “Random Acts of Helpfulness” advertising campaign. The television and radio commercials are the first to feature a hospital in the campaign. In the SoCal Honda commercial, men and women in blue delivered three van loads of equipment to the NICU. Jennifer Gingras, a NICU nurse at LLUCH, submitted a letter through the Help Me Honda website, requesting items she and other NICU nurses needed. About three weeks later, she received a call from the Helpful Honda people stating they would fulfill her request. From Highland News, “LLU Children’s Hospital NICU featured in first hospital TV spot for SoCal Honda Dealers' ‘Random Acts of Helpfulness’.” See the ad here.

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My goodness this is so patronizing…

Do it everyday for a month. Spend time with and get to know these people for God’s sake. Now that would be admirable and worthwhile. As it is, it sounds like a ‘feel-good’ exercise purely for the benefit of those involved…

Maybe I’m too cynical :pouting_cat:


I think that if you were privy to the organizational group at church, it isnt so much the giving of a hug, the giving of a sandwich.
The Polarizing effort of the group, the event that, so to speak, put them on the march as Christian Soldiers, was to give out some scripture booklet.
I have seen this elsewhere.
I am not against giving out “scripture”, but we give the wrong lesson to our kids about homeless when they pick up the idea that a hug or a sandwich is where it is at. One needs to have a way to befriend an individual person to make a friend. And to see them more then just one time in an indiscriminate way.