News Headlines: Milo Adventist Academy Recovers from Harsh Winter Storm (And Four More Stories)

Winter Storms Cause Two Million Dollars in Damage at Milo Adventist Academy. Milo Adventist Academy suffered two million dollars in damage from a winter storm followed by heavy rain prior to the Christmas break. The school closed early for Christmas vacation, but reopened January 4th. Among the projects facing the school, toppled trees needed removal, leaky roofs required repairs, and water-damaged dormitory rooms demanded attention. Insurance covered some costs, but another $500,000 was needed to deal with damage caused by rain and snow, principal Randy Thornton said. From Adventist News Network, "Winter Storm Inflicts $2 Million in Damage on Adventist School."

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it’s really wonderful what the gatton sda church is doing…small town hospitality goes a long way in putting meat on the bones of the gospel…probably everyone passing through gatton, and benefiting from one of these meals, will remember it forever…