News Headlines: Oakwood University Church to Honor Trayvon Martin's Mother

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In this week's news headlines:

Oakwood University Church to Honor Trayvon Martin's Mother. Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother, will be honored with the Black History Achievement Award during a live broadcast of Breath of Life at the Oakwood University Seventh-day Adventist Church. Carlton Byrd, senior pastor of Oakwood Church and speaker-director of Breath of Life, said recognizing Fulton symbolizes the on-going work needed to create fairness in United States. Fulton will be honored for her violence-prevention work. From, "Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, to be honored in Huntsville for violence-prevention work."

Hell, No For AUC's Accrediting Process. Disagreement over theological understandings of Satan and hell ended the accreditation process for Atlantic Union College with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges (TRACS). AUC lost its accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in 2011 and has been seeking alternative accreditation in order to begin enrolling students again. The school is now seeking accreditation with another, yet unnamed organization, as well as pursuing certificate programs through the state of Massachusetts. From Sentinel & Enterprise News, "Devil in the details for Atlantic Union College's accreditation attempt."

LSU-3 Appeal Dismissed, Ending Lawsuit. In a special NAD NewsPoints memo, the North American Division reported that on March 5, 2014, California Superior Court Judge Edward Webster granted summary judgment in favor of La Sierra University and the other defendants by dismissing the claims of the three university staff members who resigned in 2011. The judge's decision ends a wrongful termination suit dating back to July 2011. In the NewsPoints bulletin, North American Division president Daniel Jackson, who had been named in the suit, said, "We are grateful that this lawsuit has ended and that the Church and La Sierra University can focus all of our attention and resources to the quality education of our students.”

Adventist Pastor Announces Philadelphia Mayoral Candidacy. The senior pastor of the North Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church, Keith Goodman, announced Sunday that he will run for mayor in the May 19 Democratic primary. Goodman ran as a Democrat for Chester City Council in 2005 and lost. Now, questions about his eligibility have arisen. Philadelphia laws require that a mayoral candidate be a resident for three years. Goodman has been, but not during the past three consecutive years. From, "Goodman officially enters Phila. mayoral race," and "Lawyer: Rev. Keith Goodman not eligible to run for mayor."

Muslim Youth Burn Church in Ghana Land Dispute. Reports from Ghana's Brong-Ahafo region indicate that a group of Muslim youth burnt an Adventist church after a land dispute turned violent. reports that the church and pastor's home were burnt on land that the Adventist Church purportedly owned since 1967, but which the Muslim group maintained it had purchased in 2010. From, "SDA abandons church after Muslim youth attack."

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, CA.

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(Pagophilus) #2

This brings up the question again - do our institutions really need to be accredited by a body of people who believe differently or do not understand our beliefs? Not only that, but accreditation is an extremely wasteful exercise of chasing ever-unachievable targets, wasting resources on meeting those standards which could be used in doing the core work of the institution better.

(George Tichy) #3

Glad to hear that the LSU-3 is finally over.

(jeremy) #4

this is pretty interesting…

this is even more interesting…

it seems our black churches are really into community involvement…i just read on the review where ebenezer church in philly was contacted by nationalities service center to handle 50 congolese refugees, who had asked to be connected to sda’s…

(jeremy) #5

the problem i see with not being accredited is that students graduating with degrees from institutions may not be eligible for employment outside of our church…

(George Tichy) #6

If you were hiring an assistant in your profession , and two candidates had applied, one from an accredited school and other from a non-accredited (discredited… :slight_smile: ) school, which one would you hire. Now, seriously please.

(Elaine Nelson) #7

This is a very important consideration for both students and parents. Who would choose a non-accredited school? It would make it much more difficult for future graduate studies which more students are now pursuing.

(Winona Winkler Wendth) #9

Aside from being a way to keep tabs on leadership and management—financial, as well as academic—accreditation does verify a graduate’s having achieved baseline educational goals a region expects; combing over an applicant’s transcript or portfolio is a bit much for a prospective employer, Adventist, or not. You wouldn’t want a surgeon practicing on you were s/he not from an accredited institution who prepared him or her to sit for credentialing or enter an internship or residency. Perhaps more to the point is that Federal funds are not available as loans to students attending an unaccredited school; the Atlantic Union, however monied some congregations may be, does not have the funds to provide private education for its constituents. This tends to be the case even among the more prosperous unions and conferences. Accreditation became commonplace among SDA institutions after the war, when the GI bill provided higher education to returning servicemen and women should they choose to attend accredited schools. The GI Bill ensured the professional future of millions of men and women who would not have been able to count on local support, either by means of work or education.

(George Tichy) #10

Yes, yes, that was for Leopold (aka Pago)… :slight_smile:

(Interested Friend) #11

It doses nothing constructive for the Oakwood Church to involve itself in the ethnic politics rife in the US today. I find it soap opera stuff with little or no substance.
Of course there will be push-back but so be it; semper eadem.
In The Grip of Truth

(Kim Green) #12

And one would think that this “difference” would have been discovered long before now. I wonder just how long it will take for the “faithful” New Englanders to finally give up the ghost as it goes on and on and on. There’s absolutely no good reason for this except for stubborn pride ( or perhaps irrationality ).

(Kim Green) #13

I am sure that they would disagree with you…perhaps, if nothing else- it gives publicity for the school.


One article says:

As Sunday’s bitterly cold winds buffeted a handful of supporters outside the North Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church where he is pastor.

“Where he is pastor.” Is that even appropriate? To be employed by the church and at the same time running for mayor (or trying to anyway). Something just doesn’t seem right. Its almost like his saying, I’ll hang onto my pastoral gig in case my running for mayor doesn’t work out. Being a pastor is not like being an elder, or deacon, you are not elected by people; it is a special calling of God, and I’m sure not be taken lightly.

Or maybe I’m reading into this something which need not be read into. I would hope so.

(Steve Mga) #15

Pastors and Rabbis of other denomination run for local public office why cant an SDA?
At least here in Macon they get elected.

(Steve Mga) #16

What I dont understand, with such a huge group of Universities that the SDA church has, why not make the campus an extension school of these Universities.
In non-SDA colleges we have Phoenix in a lot of places. One from Virginia has a campus here in Macon. At one time Loma Linda School of Public Health went around to the Unions and presented their Master of Public Health program. It was very good. I took a number of classes until circumstances forced me to quit. But an SDA neighbor got her’s through that program.
WHAT is it about AUC that NONE of our Universities, or the North American Division is shying away from AUC as an educational facility for the SDA church that could teach both SDAs and non-SDAs? Something must be wrong that is not being told.


Hello Steve, I’m not sure if that was a reply to me or not. In case it was, here is my answer:

First of all I cannot speak of rabbis or even pastors of other denominations. And, secondly, I honestly do not know what our church believes about such situations.

My question had to do more with the fact that he is still employed as a pastor while wanting to run for mayor. Should he first resign as a pastor?

(Pagophilus) #18

If I was working for an institution unconstrained by 600+ policies and procedures, I would choose the one who can do the job better.

(Warren Ruf) #19

There is a critical piece of the AUC accreditation story that has been omitted. I thank Andrew McChesney of the Adventist Review for revealing this after interviewing Dr. Gina Brown. Apparently, certain individuals at Transnational initially promised to waive the theological stipulation on behalf of AUC. But at the time of formal application submission the promise was withdrawn, and AUC had no choice but to walk away. It seems that neither Paul Boatner nor Gina Brown wanted to tell the full story for the reporter.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #20

George The judge made the correct decision. However, the fellows did not get fair due process which was a much their fault as the Administration’s. They were foolish clumsy, and bullied. The Chairman of the board was overly aggressive and intimidated the president. It may be over for the three, but it is not over for Adventist higher education. It is just a taste of “Grave Consequences”. Tom Z

(George Tichy) #21

Was I naive expecting any real answer to my question?