News Headlines: Pastor Relieved of Role While in Jail for Sexual Battery

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Pastor Relieved of Pastoral Role While in Jail for Alleged Sexual Battery. Seventh-day Adventist pastor Michael Wayne Hill has been removed as the pastor of churches in Chanute and Thayer, Kansas because of his arrest in Florida State for alleged sexual battery. Conference President Ron Carlson said Hill was removed because he could not carry out his pastoral responsibilities in prison. From The Chanute Tribune, "Hill removed as pastor of Seventh Day Adventist."

Jamaican Adventists Lauded for Canceling Church, Marching for Victims of Shooting. Five Seventh-day Adventist churches in Kitson Town, Jamaica, joined in a march to show support the Kingsland community of St. Catherine where two community members were killed by gunmen. The churches cancelled Sabbath services, choosing to march through the affected area. Patricia Sutherland, representing the Ministry of National Security, praised the churches' effort to stand against violence. "The more the church comes out of its doors and pulls members of the community to work together against violence in their community is the greater chance we have of having a less violent country. We want to encourage them to continue to take charge, and bring people together," she said. From the Jamaica Observer, "Kitson Town SDA lauded for community march."

Take 6 Sings at Michigan State MLK Event. Take 6, an a capella group formed at Oakwood College in 1986, performed at Michigan State University College of Music's annual concert "Jazz: Spirituals, Prayer and Protest," honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The members of Take 6 "are Seventh-day Adventists, and much of their music – although jazzy and rhythmic – is spiritual and religious." The group has won 10 Grammy Awards. From Lansing State Journal, "Grammy winner Take 6 to perform at MLK tribute concert."

Sanjay Gupta Interviews Loma Linda U. Leaders for CNN. Sanjay Gupta, MD, chief medical correspondent for CNN, interviewed Richard H. Hart, MD, DrPH, president, Loma Linda University Health, Gary E. Fraser, MD, PhD, principal investigator, Adventist Health Study, and Ellsworth Wareham, MD,LLU School of Medicine 1942 gradate, who practiced cardiothoracic surgery until he was 95 years old. Gupta conducted his interviews on the LLU campus. From My LLU, "CNN's chief medical correspondent visits campus."

Adventist Health and Lodi Memorial Answer Questions About Their Affiliation. In December, Lodi Memorial Hospital voted to complete its affiliation with Adventist Health. Leaders of Lodi Memorial and Adventist Health answered questions from Lodi News Sentinel, including the following: "How do you make non-Adventists feel comfortable in your facilities since you are a faith-based operation?" "How is this affiliation different than a buyout or a partnership?" "What assurances are there that Adventist Health can provide enough financial strength moving forward?" From Lodi News Sentinel, "Adventist, Lodi Health officials answer questions."

Fitch Ratings Gives Adventist Health, CA Revenue Bonds an 'A' Rating. Insurance Rating Agency Fitch Ratings has given Adventist Health, CA's revenue bonds an 'A' rating on the strength of Adventist Health's network size. Fitch noted that Adventist Health is actively pursing additional partnerships and acquisitions that will reach at least $4 billion in revenue by 2017. Fitch further reported that "Adventist's financial profile has historically lagged the 'A' category medians and fiscal 2013 (Dec 31 year end) was particularly weak due to non-recurring expenses in its systemwide initiatives." From Insurance News Net, "Fitch Affirms Adventist Health, CA's Rev Bonds at 'A'; Outlook Stable."

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, CA.

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(Elmer Cupino) #2

Don’t we have an active “prison ministry” outreach program?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #3

if I understand, He is charged, with adequate evidence to hold him until trial. He has not been convicted of the crime. He either was not allowed bail or couldn’t make bail. Equally obvious the conference acted properly. Until convicted they will not remove his credentials., (Always take advantage of a situation) Is such an incident likely to have happened with a woman pastor? More likely a woman pastor would have been attacked in a counseling session. Tom Z

(Eldon Bridgeport) #4

It is of note that the removed pastor’s full name includes the middle name “Wayne” which while not proof of guilt should require additional preemployment screening.

(k_Lutz) #5

Perhaps you meant ‘in-reach’ program in this case?
I believe that there are support systems for prison ministries in the several conferences around NAD but the ministries themselves are usually self-supporting.

(Richard Ludders) #6

This will be self-supporting also, but by the state. Then we have the problem of separation of church and state :slight_smile:

(Junior Breyer) #7

Chanute/Thayer in Florida or Kansas? Poor Florida has enough problems.

(Jared Wright) #8

Thanks for clarifying. It was indeed Kansas. The article has been updated.

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #9

Background on Hill’s arrest & charges,

(jeremy) #10

i’m glad sanjay visited loma linda…i hope he was favorably impressed…i still don’t get why he turned obama down for the surgeon general job…i remember getting a big kick out of joycelyn elders, appointed under clinton a while back, which is about the time i started following u.s. politics…i think the surgeon general position, like that of the secretary of state or a supreme court seat, has the potential to turn a person into star if he or she has the right personality…people who definitely shouldn’t be surgeon general: sarah palin…

(Elaine Nelson) #11

Or Ben Carson for Surgeon General.

(jeremy) #12

do you mean he shouldn’t be, or he should be…personally, i think this is what he’s really running for…and i think an adventist physician in the surgeon general’s chair is just the thing…he can encourage people to move towards a plant-based diet, to cut down on smoking and coffee, to cut down on sugar, and many other egw innovations…i think our health msg is still the right arm of the third angel’s msg…it still needs to be put out there by qualified people…

(George Tichy) #13

Good luck!
Carson will be too old, after 2 more years of Obama, Then 4 years of Hillary (at least), then 8 years of Elizabeth Warren. Maybe one of his grandchildren if they start working at Fox right now…

(jeremy) #14

elizabeth warren is certainly articulate and reasonably bright, but she has no charisma - she just isn’t star material that can capture the country’s imagination…the only way i can see her winning the white house is if the republicans pick sarah palin or michelle bachmann as their nominee, which isn’t going to happen…

and i wouldn’t put it past hillary to put a republican in her cabinet…after-all, bill had william cohen as his defense sectretary, and we can’t know whether he was bill’s pick or hillary’s…hillary will be looking for racial and political diversity,and the surgeon general’s position is politically innocuous - she can score a slam dunk with ben as her surgeon general without it costing her anything…also, keep in mind that hillary is relatively friendly to adventists:

(Andreas Bochmann) #15

Thanks for the slightly more extensive report. Looking at the discussion at the link you gave … I am concerned how “entertaining” the whole news story appears to have been for some. I hope, we don’t go that way here. The pain and shame of the person abused probably has been incredible - if he/she is willing to work together with law enforcement agencies in this way. Another interesting part of the story that seems to be uncontested in the various reports: the alleged perpetrator was meeting his victim together with his wife. This would suggest that there was an attempt to make amends. But how can that be accomplished? Really difficult. A long journey will be ahead of all involved. … and that includes the church.

(Andreas Bochmann) #16

Somehow this reminded me of Rom 12:1

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to
offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this
is your true and proper worship.

Leaving the church building once in a while might be a good exercise…

(Thomas J Zwemer) #17

years ago a boarding academy allowed their students to go home for a thanksgiving. On Monday morning a father returned his son to school and made an appointment with the principal. he told the principal that son came home and took the father aside and said–say dad and told the story that the dean of boys would sexually assault boys in the shower.

That was the last day the dean of boys was imployed . I don’t know if legal charges were filed or not., This dean was a dorm student at one of the SDA colleges, and no one seemed to have a clue until his first employment. Tom Z

(Jesse Andrews) #18

How does Adventist pastor Michael Wayne Hill’s situation and employment by the church compare to Samuel Pipim’s being stripped of his credentials although he remains an unconvicted sex offender?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #19

un convicted but not un confessed. Tom Z