News Headlines: Solomon Islands Church Torn Down (And More!)

Adventist Church Torn Down in Solomon Islands. Seventh-day Adventists on Anuta Island in the Solomon Islands have been ordered to leave for disobeying the local chiefs.  Members began building a sanctuary after being advised that they could only worship in their homes.  The building was destroyed. From Solomon Star News, "Church ordered out."

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Adventist arrogance strikes (or gets striken) again.

Trust The Process.


Iam reminded that Adventist GLBTI groups are also banished from SDA churches and not allowed to meet on Adventist University or College premises, they are closed down or banished outside the premises.
Yet Adventist cry blue murder when a secular University, paid for by the tax payers disallows them to form student proselytising Adventist groups.
Same sex families are not allowed to be members are persecuted, ostracised.
Indeed the Adventist are the persecuting powers not the persecuted, and are generally know throughout the community as such.


The Solomon Islands story is fascinating. This is simply small governance bravado,but it is an example of a few things that can be chronic in traditional adventist communities:

  1. Irrelevancy - not in touch with the community nor the winds of reality. This is pretty common in the US as we can sample from posts here and more so other places. Simply walk into an average church to isolate yourself.
  2. Remnant pride - the risk of believing one is perfectly right on the big picture means you martyr yourself on the steps of pride and arrogance. Traditional Adventism is a fountain of pride.
  3. Immorality of western religion - In general western religion has attempted to assimilate communities instead of embracing them . Adventism is no different. It is immoral to impose our culture and values on others in the name of introducing God to heathens. There is no greater source of upheaval in native communities then when religion comes to town.

I have to admit I am amused, but sorry for the people caught up in this.


pigheaded behavior on both sides. When, where, and how to worship is open. who alone is worthy to worship is not. The lifestyle of our Creator/Redeemer was one of simple order. Sincerity rather than pomp Seem to be the advice of Paul. Rom Z