News Headlines: Southern Adventist University Students Cover Ben Carson Event (And More!)

Southern Adventist University Students Cover Ben Carson Event. Student journalists from Southern Adventist University covered Ben Carson's book signing. Carson was in Chattanooga to promote his recent book, A More Perfect Union. His supporters circled a Barnes and Noble store waiting to get their books signed. From the Chattanooga Times Free Press, "Ben Carson Draws Hundreds to Barnes and Noble in Chattanooga." And from the Southern Adventist University student newspaper, the Southern Accent, "Accent Editors Shake Gifted Hands."

Prosecution of Adventist Man in Kazakhstan Proceeds. Seventh-day Adventist Yklas Kabduakasov continues to stand trial on October 14 in Kazakhstan's capital Astana for creating "religious discord." He may have been entrapped by the secret police who filmed him speaking to students who asked for religious instruction. From Forum 18 News Service, "KAZAKHSTAN: Secret police-inspired criminal prosecutions."

A Third Casualty Results from Indianapolis Car Crash. Sandile Ncube died from his injuries following the car crash that killed his father, Indianapolis Junior Academy principal Norris Ncube and his sister Jessica Senele Ncube. The three other children hurt in the accident are recovering from their injuries. From Indianapolis Star, "Second Child Dies After Washington Street Crash."

St. Maarten Adventists Create Expo for Children's Health. The six Adventist Churches on the island of St. Maarten joined to sponsor a children’s health expo titled "Healthy Me." The theme pointed out that God wants everyone to enjoy long and healthy lives. Over 500 children were offered eye tests, dental care instructions, oral checks, height and weight monitoring, blood pressure and pulse rate checks. Wellness demonstrations and healthy living presentations by Adventist school teachers were also provided along with development-related seminars and healthy meals demonstrations. From Adventist News Network, "Children's Health Expo Attracts Over 500 in St. Maarten."

Photo: Joshua Supit / Southern Accent Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Redlands, CA.

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i’m thinking that ben carson isn’t really serious about winning the presidency…who ditches campaigning for a book tour when he’s gaining momentum and actually the frontrunner in at least one poll…


That is not true Jeremy. I read a response from him. The mainstream media twisted it again. He did not ditch his campaign. He has a Facebook account which you can see the daily update of his campaign.

Dr. Ben went to Chattanooga because of the extremely large number of SDAs in that area of TN, NC, GA, ALA. They could take the opportunity to see this famous surgeon, many of whom probably have his book telling of his life. And are there to purchase the book and to shake the "Famous Hands."
Chattanooga is the “home” of our most famous “Southern Adventist University.” Home of Little Debbie and McKee Baking Company.
There are also lots of Republicans who would also be pleased to shake those "Famous Hands."
Collegedale, TN was also the FIRST City in the state of TN to provide insurance to same-sex couples when one was employed by the City of Collegedale.
Yes! The Seventh day Adventists on the City Council voted to approve it. And it was overwhelmingly approved by the SDA church members who made comments on the Collegedale SDA church pastor’s phone.
Of course this was BEFORE the vote at SA2015.
Connections is an SDA church group meeting in the Collegedale Academy chapel. It is ALL WELCOMING. A branch of the University church. Connections broadcasts its Sabbath service on-line each week.

I predict that the Iowa Caucus (Mon Feb 1) and the NH Primary (Tue Feb 9) will reveal that the polls are not predicting very well

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And he doesn’t stand a chance in the General Election. He’s all over the place when it comes to his positions on guns, on abortion, etc. He’s just a “nice guy” whom everybody likes, but nobody would consider him as a leader of our nation.

I hope.


Dr. Ben Carson today is, in every American breakfast and dinner table conversation. What’s going to happen but Americans powerless to stop it? Ben Carson is putting Seventh-day Adventist on the world map from his colossal winning finish line to his robust salesmanship of Adventism, bigger , larger and better than all the elected Adventist General Conference Presidents. Of course, it’s USA; the world is listening and paying attention to the US Presidential race. Ben Carson is catching the attention with deep interest from the Islamic countries. Why? Carson and Mohammad enjoy two common things - Friday sunset worship and pork not served on their breakfast and dinner menus. Someone mention Carson doesn’t stand a chance in the US Presidential Election? But, Carson does stand a standing ovation in every Muslim breakfast and dinner conversation. He’s a revered healer, a vegetarian who is a poor hunter who never held a gun in his life but scalpels. Now, we know what his positions are on abortion and guns. Ben Carson is gaining respect from the spirituality of the world