News Headlines: West Virginia Mega Clinic Provides Free Care to 1,700 (And More Stories!)

Mega Clinic in West Virginia Provides Free Care to 1,700. "Your Best Pathway to Health," a free, Seventh-day Adventist—sponsored, “pop up” mega clinic in Beckley, West Virginia, treated the more than 1,700 people during a three-day clinic. Over 730 volunteers helped run the clinic, providing an estimated $6.5 million in free services. They performed 30 surgeries, saw more than 800 eye patients, treated hundreds of dental patients, gave 180 haircuts, and more than 800 massages, according to Celeste Ryan Blyden, communications specialist for the event. From West Virginia Gazette Mail, “Beckley free clinic treats more than 1,700 in 3 days.”

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The mega clinic idea should be done more and more…true missionary work! Well done!


Yes indeed. I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that they are planning to have at least one event like this in each union before the 2020 General Conference. I participated in the Bay Area event, a couple of years ago and while the community received services that perhaps they could not have otherwise obtained, I too was totally blessed.