Next up in Bloggin' the 28

(system) #1

By Alexander Carpenter

Greetings all. Whew. Just ducking back here to the main page from Bill Cork's comment thread. Yikes! The practicality of peace, the meaning of Sabbath and the truth about human origins -- those topics seem to get the remnant fired up. Good times.

I wanted to update you on our summer Campmeeting 2.0: Bloggin' the 28 project. We done three thus far, and the next five are scheduled and coming down the line. The site in quotes is the blog where the actual post will be, and if you have a blog, feel free to link to it.

July 10: Scripture: Charles Scriven (The Spectrum Blog)

July 13: Millennium and the End of Sin: Ed Guzman (Substance and Shadows)

July 17: Unity in the Body of Christ: Trisha Famisaran(Adventist Gender Justice)

July 20: Lord's Supper: Bill Cork (Oak Leaves)

July 24: Creation: Jared Wright (Adventist Environmental Advocacy)

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