“No Excuses” — Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary Issues Statement

Editor’s Note: The Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary on the campus of Andrews University has issued a statement titled “No Excuses” that calls on Adventists to speak “out when we witness an act of injustice” and care “enough to act with compassion and do what is in our power to stop these things from happening.” It is signed by Jiří Moskala, dean of the seminary, and Teresa Reeve, associate dean.

The full statement is reprinted below, and is also available on the Seminary’s website:


No excuses. Treating a person as less of a human because of skin-color (or social class, gender, job description, education, etc.) is wrong, a sin in the eyes of God. Likewise inexcusable is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian observing such acts and turning away, thinking this doesn’t concern me (like the priest or Levite of Lk 10:30-32), is not a major problem, or that I am not a part of it.

Anyone who carries the love of God in their heart is grieving this week as we learn of new acts of violence and prejudice against our black brothers and sisters, which evidence the perpetuation of the long and deeply grounded history of racial injustice in North America. Every individual on this earth, is created in the image of God, and is our neighbor whom we are commanded to treat with love and respect. No one should have to wonder if they are safe in stepping out of their house.

Real love turns recognition and grieving into Christ-founded action. God’s kind of love means we will connect with our brothers and sisters and seek to understand life through their eyes. It means allowing God to reveal our own erroneous hidden assumptions and misconceptions and attitudes, and repenting of them. It means speaking out when we witness an act of injustice. It means caring enough to act with compassion and do what is in our power to stop these things from happening.

We have visited enough countries in the world to know that because of our sinful nature, every society has groups they unjustly marginalize, whom culture has cultivated in us through stereotypes and false myths, to believe from the time we are born are somehow less than us and deserving of being treated as such. Thus we are all implicated. God help us each to put His kind of love into practice today.

Jiri Moskala Teresa Reeve


Image courtesy of Andrews University.

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Excellent initiative.
Czech people, like Jiří Moskala, are usually sensitive to human needs and can come up with great ideas to alleviate and mitigate suffering.
Sometimes their ideas end up in trouble, as it happened to Jan Hus… But I think Dr. Moskala is safe… :pray: :pray:


i’m starting to wonder whether being born in apartheid s. africa, as in my case, was less fortunate than elsewhere…is overt racism worse than subterranean, concealed racism…can people who have formed a reflexive response and adaptation to subterranean racism really be expected to suddenly confront and deal with it successfully in the open, where nothing of what they’ve been conditioned into is helpful anymore…can subterranean racism even be realistically overcome…are the ingredients for a desired outcome present…

Both, either subterranean or overt racism are difficult, VERY difficult to overcome, to actually be unlearned.

well, you could probably make a name for yourself if you could figure out how to change the neural pathways involved in racism through a simple pill, taken with water once a day…

but even classifying racism as an illness, and then developing a cure, any cure, would probably seal your fame…maybe you and elmer should get together and figure this one out…i know in the world of violin, every now and then someone figures out a new way to finger or bow a long-standing problem in the performing literature…so new discoveries that make a real difference do happen…

It will work only taking the pill three times a day. And this is the big challenge, to convince those guys to do that. One pill would be easy, but three??? They can’t do that!!!

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If the racism is part of a psychotic delusion then the chances of resolving the symptoms of racism would be great with antipsychotic medications. The medications are normally given in a maintenance dose until such time when the symptoms are resolved then converted to long acting intramuscular injections for long term treatment. However, if the symptoms of racism are secondary to neurosis, then the treatment of choice would be counseling with the likes of @GeorgeTichy. Not all respond to psychotherapy and those who persist with their assaultive behaviors are normally transferred to the legal arena and recommended for incarceration.

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Yet another statement since the tragic morder of Mr. Fluid. What I wonder about is, are we now going to see statements about other problems we should be having a problem seeing? Should we be making statements about the Israelites oppressing the Palestinians, the children that are stunted or wasted and those who die of starvation and nutrient deficiencies, those in Yemen being killed with the help of American military, those detained, kept in isolation without charge for over a decade, those seeking refuge yet kept south of the border, etc. Etc. Where are the statements regarding the above and other issues?

I suggest that women face this, by falsehood, within our own faith society.
Written in black and white.

Almost as much as some marginalize along real or imagined, straight or meandering, political boundaries. And dare call themselves Christ, and fellow man, lovers.

Nothing as shallow as skin color separated Abel from Cain, Jews from Egyptians, Women from men, or George and Derek. What separates us is far darker-but yet, inexorably, we are drawn to this salacious, and too far easy hostility.

Hey Roman.
Yeah, Communist China, by a variety of maneuvers and subterfuge, causes an economic collapse worldwide-and a million counting deaths-because they seem to not respect human (or animal) life (their own, or others)-

yet not a single.jot.or.tittle to protest blatant marginalization.
From anyone. Crazy not so brave new world, no?

Neither have I seen any statements about the concentration camps in China or North Korea. What about all the elephants or rhinos killed in Africa? Are we now going to see statements about those?

Misspelling I guess, right?
His name is Floyd, George Floyd. Brutally assassinated in front of a camera.

Yes, of cause. I thought I spelled it correctly (possibly automatic correction, a nasty habit of some electronic devises).

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