North American Division Leadership Issues Statement Against Violence in Christchurch Mosques

The leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America is shocked and saddened by the recent violence that took the lives of 50 worshippers as they celebrated their Friday prayers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. What should have been a quiet time in worship quickly transformed into a time of despair, fear, and pain. Our prayers go out to all those impacted by this senseless act of hate. We ask all our members to pray for the families of the victims, and to reach out to their local Muslim communities to affirm their right to worship as they see fit.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has always been a strong supporter of religious liberty and it is in times like these that our voices need to be heard loud and clear in supporting our brothers and sisters of other faiths in their time of need. The right to worship is a basic human right. When one group is violated, it impacts us all.

Acts of hate serve to destroy our communities and drive wedges of discontent between different cultures and faith traditions. Let us all serve as beacons of light to destroy the hate that darkens our world. Let us serve our brothers and sisters in their time of need. Just as the Good Samaritan served someone of a different faith, let us “go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37, KJV).

Daniel R. Jackson, President

G. Alexander Bryant, Executive Secretary

Randy Robinson, Treasurer

This statement originally appeared on the North American Division website.


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this is a fine statement, one that i’m sure all spectrumites, of whatever persuasion, can accept…but i’m not so sure the christchurch massacres were about religion…if the muslim victims had been blonde and blue-eyed, i don’t think brenton tarrant would have murdered them…white nationalism is about race, not religion…


An excellent statement, but I think this is just the tip of a rash of hate being encouraged from high places. Both Christsinity and Islam have their fring hate groups. Both are being encouraged to take barbaric action. We need more plow shares and fewer swords and softer tougues.

Islam is a worldwide religion. People of all races and skin and eye colors are Muslim. The victims included at least one white female convert.

true, but when they’re targeted by white nationalists, who hold to no common religion, i think we can safely conclude that the motive is defending whites from brown “invaders”, rather than muslim religionists…keep in mind that female muslims attending a mosque are generally dressed in niqabs or even burqas, which effectively mask obvious racial features…

my point is that NAD’s statement would be even more effective if it were more accurate…

Pure EVIL and the work of a hateful sociopath —-truly horrific!

Needs to be denounced in the strongest terms .

However when a nearly equal number of CHRISTIANS are massacred by Islamists in Nigeria, as occurred recently, or Coptic Christians are slaughtered in Egypt , or Christ’s followers are,persecuted in Pakistan, I wish there was an equal press coverage and denunciation as when Muslims are murdered…


When Muslims are murdered in Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Congo, Indonesia, China, etc. the Western Press coverage is slim. The Christchurch attacks received great press coverage not because of the identity of the victims, but because of the place of attack.
The church attack in Charleston, South Carolina received extensive press coverage.

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Dear Pierre Paul Legault

( are you French ? I am the ultimate Francophile having owned two homes in France for many years )

Surely you mean when CHRISTIANS are murdered in Nigeria, Egypt etc? It is CHRISTIANS who are being persecuted, executed, denigrated, in those Islamic countries, not Muslims.

The point I was trying to make is that our modern SECULAR press and “fake news “ tends to be anti Christian and therefore not willing nor eager to report these matters!


How about a statement also condemning what Muslim terrorists did to Christians in Nigeria? This is almost being totally ignored.

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Je suis canadien-français,

I know the “the press/media is out to get us” theme is near and dear to the hearts of many, but the fact is, when Christians get shot up in the US or other Western countries, the media are all over it (Charleston, Sutherland Springs). When a synagogue is shot up in the US (Pittsburgh), the press/media are all over it. When a mosque is shot up in the West (Quebec, Christchurch), the press/media are all over it.

When a Church is shot up in Nigeria, no one in the West cares; when Christians in Egypt are persecuted, no one in the West cares. When the Chinese crack down on Tibetan religions, no one cares. When the Shi-ites murder Sunnis, no one in the West cares unless it interrupts the flow of oil. North Korea makes plenty of news over their nuclear programme, but no one in the West cares about their persecution of religion.

And no one in the West cared about persecution of Nigerian Christians until the press and media reported on the NZ mosque shootings.

And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with this. When I read my local city paper, and watch my local city evening news, I want to know about things happening here and things that affect our lives here. I’m also interested in things happening in countries with which I share some cultural affiliation (I read “” regularly). But I don’t want to hear or read about South Sudan or Zimbabwe or Western Mongolia. I’m sure those are interesting places, but I have a limited capacity for news consumption, and I haven’t the time or inclination to know everything about everywhere in the world.

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