North American Division Responds to False Claim

The leadership of the North American Division values all its members and appreciates the various views they hold on the issues that face our church. We desire to serve all our members and recognize that from time to time there may be differences of opinion, but these should not serve to keep us from our united commitment to the biblical beliefs and global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We will always follow His call for each of us to become engaged in His mission to reach everyone with the Hope and Wholeness that can only be found in a committed relationship with Him.

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Fulcrum7 has proven again not to be a reliable source.

Thank God for the independent Adventist press, Spectrum and Adventist Today, which do not use spin and misinformation in their reporting.

And thanks to the NAD for calling out Fulcrum7 on their dishonest reporting.


Sadly, what can one do.
Attempting to defend against patently false and scurrilous claim is not feasible.
Where are the christian mores when researching such an article-did the writer attempt to contact the proper NAD folks?

Did the editor check veracity of claim before publishing such a screed?

Don’t wrestle with a pig. It likes the mud.


I am not surprised! Nobody should be surprised!

Fulcrum7 is not a serious Christian site. It’s a stronghold of fanatics that behave as cultic people, completely compromised by spiritually deviant thinking.

Just observing the behavior of those few fulcrumites that landed here in 2018 is enough to discourage anyone from spending/wasting any time on that site. No wonder that most of them needed to be blocked here due to the poisoning they were promoting and the personal attacks launched against others.

I am glad the NAD responded to the Fulcrum7 site in the way it did.


How unfortunate, we can differ, but we should never bear false witness/ lie. Because that only ignites extremists ideas to breed, and create division. In Mexico I heard the same, and people were to upset, I tried to explain what is allowed, but extremists ideology is hard to convince even showing them the evidence. These folks are fulcrum 7 do have sometimes go articles, but some of their members get very radical, I might equate to fundamentalist jihadest. They are willing to commit verbal suicide bombing so that Jesus Christ will return soon.
It is difficult in Mexico educating people about what the organisation is suppose to represent, and when false information spread like this, not only from Fulcrum 7, but by Conference leadership, then you see that it is a systematic plan to beguile people. Control at all cost.


As the article states – “the Hiring” is NOT the same as Commissioning Nor


Two things:

  1. What is the difference between:
    :diamonds: planning to hire “1,000 women for pastoral ministry positions” (NAD) and
    :diamonds: allowing 1,000 “women to be hired as church pastors” (GC) and
    :diamonds: planning “to ordain 1,000 female pastors” (Fulcrum7)?

  2. The tithe now seems to be the new weapon in every side’s arsenal, in addition to the type of action by the UCC in banning the WCAS: a VERY dangerous precedent.


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What is the difference between:
:diamonds: planning to hire “ 1,000 women for pastoral ministry positions ” (NAD) and
:diamonds: allowing 1,000 “ women to be hired as church pastors ” (GC) and
:diamonds: planning “ to ordain 1,000 female pastors ” (Fulcrum7)?

Women can be hired as pastors according to GC policy, but not ordained. That’s the difference.


But isn’t the ordination of women as equally as men are ordained, NAD’s ultimate goal? Why hire 1,000 women when they could hire 1,000 men as fully ordained pastors? Isn’t NAD being deceptively coy about their intentions?



Fascinating. if this is fake news then pretty much everything on the network news is fake because they often paraphrase. In this instance apparently the “fake” part is the ordained portion. I am not sure how that would be fake however since certain sectors do ordain women pastors. Is this a prediction that that won’t happen? Are they really saying there is a whole program to hire women pastors but never fear none of them will be ordained?


Any attempt to refute a lie only gives life to the lie. This is true in counseling as in interpersonal relationships is what I tell my patients. Let the evidence speak for itself. I would not recommend giving Fulcrum7 the recognition by denying what they know is untrue. As politicians are known to say when confronted with a bait, “I would not dignify that question with an answer.”

Fulcrum7? Seriously? They must be in need of an audience to desperately resort to this kind of trolling.


Ah… pretending to not understand. Always a logical, if foolish tactic. Strong work :wink:


When they, who profess to be followers of Christ, cast aside truth and resort to obfuscation and half truths reveal that in fact they are really followers of the enemy of souls.


I deplore, despise, and dislike FULCRUM 7 for their vehement, vociferous, venomous viewpoints on a variety of issues.

I rarely visit the site but when I do, I leave nauseated by many of the views expressed and ask myself, do these people belong to the same church I do?? If they truly represent Adventism then I want no part of it !

They are mired in hateful misogyny and homophobia. I pity any children born to them who happen to be gay/lesbian, and their wives must be truly second class citizens!

That said , even though the NAD disputes the FAKE NEWS of FULCRUN 7,



Why hire one thousand female pastors and trap them under a glass ceiling,
with no hope of further lifetime advancement ??

Why did the NAD not exuberantly boast that Fulcrum7’s claims were true?

The Methodists have been ordaining their clergywomen since 1956!


Any current female theology student should be wary of a future career in NAD, where she will be depreciated, demoted, downgraded, demeaned to a shabby, second rate, subordinate, status to those who possess a penis.


In my opinion the ratio of male/female pastors should be proportionate to the ratio of male/female members of the Church. And ALL should be ordained equally.


I liked the NAD response, though I still don’t understand why the NAD did it.
Fulcrum7 is like a dark cave, where a few people hide, people who like darkness and practice religious fanaticism. It is a small meaningless group.

But after the NAD’s reaction , the number of visitors to than infamous site will escalate, just out of people’s curiosity. And I am afraid that many may be trapped and deceived by that ultraconservative, intolerant, and biased group.

Fulcrum7 will forever be indebted to the NAD for the free advertisement… :sunglasses:


You put it all together beautifully and strongly.


George, no one can outdo your description of F7.

I have been barred from posting in F7 without having the pleasure of being informed for what particular reason. I broke no rules except I asked too many questions. Perhaps some of my questions where not in their book of repertoire so they had no answers.


The NAD has made some false statements in this post, they claim that fulcrum7 is asking members not to pay tithe to the conference, however their three part series on tithes which had various viewpoints had a disclaimer at the top saying this " We are allowing various viewpoints on the topic of tithing and Divisional rebellion to be discussed, in an effort to bring a previously esoteric conversation out into the open. The first two articles have generated robust discussion. While we are hosting the conversation, Fulcrum7 is not necessarily endorsing every viewpoint expressed in this series. Fulcrum7 has (of course) no interest in receiving tithe. We strongly recommend that people pay tithe. " -

Also the NAD said that hiring 1,000 women pastors is in line with General Conference Policy. Um no, we had three GC votes regarding this, everyone knows its not in harmony with GC policy. Nobody is being fooled by these false statements. While I do feel that sometimes fulcrum7 focuses too much or too strongly on the negative it is sad to see the NAD make such openly false statements.


Women pastors are definitely within GC policy. Even Ted Wilson stated after the 2015 vote that women could still be ordained as elders and commissioned as pastors. Those policies didn’t change.

The three votes weren’t about whether or not women could be pastors, but about ordaining women pastors (first vote said not at this time, second vote said that NAD couldn’t decide to ordain women, and the third vote said that divisions couldn’t decide to ordain women).