North American Division Responds to False Claim

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I suggest replacing CULTURE with your word, which i struckthrough above.
It is precisely that culture which frames and provides our context.
Rejecting “culture” and instead redefining it as an epithet is quite likely a result of the culture which provides you with the context you respond from.


Indeed. I read what you wrote.

Why did you bring up that Israel had male priests (Tribe of Levi), and that other countries surrounding Israel had priestesses (the Heathen countries)? What was your point, then? Were you not saying that God only approved of males as priests (and, now, pastors), and to show that that those females then were heathen (priestesses) and that is why we now should never ordain women? What was your point?

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Excellent. I really like seeing those discriminators being challenged when they write things that make no sense.


Oh, okay. I understand your question now.

The point I was making is that God, who is fair and just, chose only males for the priesthood. Concerning that fact, people sometimes say that it is because God accommodated the culture of the time that was male-dominated and patriarchal. This is why I wanted to show that there were other nations around Israel that were patriarchal and had male-dominated societies but had priestesses and that it was not a novelty for the Israelites above all for those attracted by the religions of these other nations.

So, if God chose only males for the priesthood, it was not to accommodate the culture of the time.

And being fair and just, God didn’t chose the males just because they were better than or superior to women, because we all know that men are not better or superior to women.

This is why I said that there must be a reason for God to organize the priesthood the way He did.

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Does anyone know what happened to the Kompliance Krusade launched by Ted Wilson in Oct/2018 after the AC?
Any victims yet?
Things are way too quiet, and this is not a good sign…
@elmer_cupino @timteichman @harrpa @JohnCarson @Timo

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Though I’ve had my ear to the ground on this, I’ve heard absolutely nothing.

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You may hear something if you put both of your ears to the ground at the same time. Just try and tell me if you hear or feel something.


That was then. This is now.

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Maybe those who advocate for male headship should move to the desert, get some camels, dig some wells, and get a few wives as well.
Living not only “then” but “there” too, since they like those rules.

They may also think of building a wall around their emirate - and ask Mexico to pay for it since our neighbors are NOT going to pay for Trumpy’s medieval wall.
Wouldn’t it be great???

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Only possible if you have a flat head…

Flat head, flat earth, whats the dif?

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The arbitrary image of a he-god formed by male supremacist theology necessarily denies all the feminine type roles (and names) of God in writ. Imagine, a god, beyond time and space-constrained merely by human gender. What other human characteristics might such a constrainable god become subject to?
Do we even realize what we are doing when we dare narrow this one attribute of god down to our level?

Are you suggesting you are like Jesus because you think he agrees with you?
When is the last time a prostitute anointed your feet with her hair, or you stood between the stones thrust towards the adulteress?

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The votes have been cast and the circus has left town. It is now quiet on the frontlines. You can expect it to heat up again come April 2019 for the Spring Meeting. Just like in politics, issues that affect everyone such as taxes and police force are used to get votes. The same goes for the Kompliance Krusades.

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Not merely votes for the sake of votes, but to maintain power for those who love power and the praise of men it garners

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Or if you stuck your head between a couple of big rocks… Maybe that’s what they meant by the phrase “between a rock and a hard place!”


I failed to see how your comment were relevant to what I said…

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