North American Division Statement on Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America is deeply saddened and troubled by the shooting that took place during Sabbath services at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 2018, where 11 people lost their lives and four more were injured. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those killed, and to all our Jewish brothers and sisters. The United States was founded on the promise of religious freedom and when one faith group has this right taken away, we all suffer. Nothing is more sacred than the right to worship our God in the safety of our sanctuaries with those we love.

We are also disturbed by the other recent acts of violence and hatred that serve to split this country apart. Our diversity makes us stronger; it reflects the cultures, religions, and ethnicities of the world. It is in times like these when Americans must band together to help everyone impacted by these hateful acts. There is no race, gender, ethnicity, or religion in time of need. We are all God’s children and in need of compassion and His love. We ask that all people, no matter what their faith, pray for healing upon the heartbroken, the injured, and those mourning the loss of their loved ones.

God calls us to treat everyone with grace-filled compassion and love, especially to those different from ourselves. We can and must do better.


Daniel R. Jackson, President

G. Alexander Bryant, Executive Secretary

G. Thomas Evans, Treasurer/CFO

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Thank you Daniel Jackson, et al. You have spoken from my heart. As God’s Children throughout the ages and among varied people’s of the earth, we find so much in common when we pause in times of sorrow.

Let us not allow our differences to define one another in this world of God’s creation; punctuated by not just our glories but by our very horrors as well.

Rather, let our common ground serve to catalyze the journey we make together in finally finding our heart’s finest desire. To be at home at last with God. We as his friend, He as our hope, both saturated in joyous mutual desire.

When God’s arms of grace reach human hearts, there comes a distinct turning. In turning toward Him we experience a compelling turning toward others. And in concert each is drawn toward the other.

Let us act with intention to reach our spiritual siblings throughout God’s creation. Easy to find, they are perpetually around us. Just what do we do? Just what did He say?

“Love them, as I have loved you”!


According to the annual report by the Anti-Defamation League issued earlier this year, the number of reported anti-Semitic incidents in the United States surged 57 percent in 2017, the largest rise in a single year since the Anti-Defamation League began tracking such crimes in 1979. 2017, of course, was the first year of the Donald Trump administration. Only if Trump’s popularity were to decline would he ever see the need to change his rhetoric and tone. Trump’s supporters continue to bolster him; accordingly, they collectively along with him bear responsibility for the surge in anti-Semitism we are witnessing in America today.


Phil, I knew that some just couldn’t refrain themselves from politicizing this issue. The never Trump syndrome just kicks in as if on auto pilot.
Trump’s son-in law is Jewish. Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. For this he is also hated. How can this great President win?
Hillary Clinton says civil discourse can’t be had with Trump supporters. Isn’t that a “love fest” thought.
Thanks to the NAD for not politicizing the issue with guns etc. The problem is deranged hatred on the part of some.
May I say that those who support the rhetoric of the Left will collectively bear the responsibility commensurate with these new radicals and anarchist that “take to the streets” and the “politics of division” which they thrive on.


What is your explanation for the 57 percent surge in anti-Semitic incidents in 2017, Donald Trump’s first year in office?

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You are absolutely right! Trump has indeed been demonstrably inclusive, civil and never stated anything that can be construed otherwise! We all know that the misunderstandings regarding his reputation and ills in the world are the fault of his political opponents and those who sympathize with them. Pat, I would challenge you to point out any instances where by his own words he gave us cause to think otherwise…I am sure this will be a tough

If only we had more leaders whose level of thinking reflected this we would live in a less hostile world.

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Well Phil, I don’t ascribe blame to a single individual. Anti-semetic groups have been present all my life. Not only, white supremacist/neo-Nazi’s but other. A correlation of dates does not equate to a causation of events within itself.
I’ve never heard Trump insinuate an anti-Semitic comment. Some like to equate Charlottesville. I say non-sense.
I have heard neo-Nazis/white supremacist and Mid-eastern countries, including Iran, voice them. I have seen how virtually all the UN nations opposed the embassy move to Jerusalem.
What does that tell you about the inbred Semitic hatred that exist in a large part of humanity?
I do often see Trump’s political adversaries trying to blame all the world’s ills on Trump.


This is what I see. I see a kid wanting candy at the checkout line and screaming till he gets it. I am referring to the left. Trump is “calling out” a lot of perceived views of socio-economic-religious views of globalism that have developed over the last 50+ yrs. The left is screaming at the checkout line.
So, lets have equality of judgment on both major views. “America First” or Globalism First. That’s a start for the deep political divides. That is the major reason Trump is despised. He is despised for challenging the assumed correctness of the present international “globalist” order. May I add that globalist special interest exist in both the (D) and ® parties.


Thank you, President Jackson, for issuing this statement. These murders were senseless and horrific. They caught my attention especially because they happened on Sabbath in the synagogue as worshippers were faithfully attending services. How easily a group can be demonized and become victims to haters. It could happen, and does happen, anywhere. We have seen these shootings over and over in churches.

The right to worship in peace as one chooses is the first right guaranteed in the First Amendment. This heinous and evil act is brazen. Murder and hate speech have no place in this society–anywhere.

And Rose, who was 97 and very active, I understand was a Holocaust survivor. What horrific irony.

Men will revile you and hate you and say all manner of evil against you, said Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount.

Blessed be those martyred for their faith in God. Prayers for comfort for their families.


I really appreciated the prompt statement from the NAD, in the words of Pastor Dan Jackson and some of his associates.

It’s a misfortune that the POTUS - imagine, The President of the United States!!! - keeps encouraging rage, anger, and violence. Then, when someone follows his clues and does something tragic, DT just sends “thoughts & prayers” to the victims’ families.

What about confronting the NRA regarding the rules for buying guns, uh? And imposing some limitations to increase the safety of the civilians? Ah,… can’t do it, uh? Because the NRA may get mad and may stop financing some politicians. Oh, now I an understanding it, I really am…


Any timely and appropriate comforting statement of sympathy from the South African-Indian Ocean Division (SID) President and officers yet ? Inter-American Division . . . ?

George, perhaps you missed the social directives from left side of the isle - Maxine Waters suggests all republicans be hassled and terrorized as they go about their lives - our illustrious former attorney general, Eric Holder wants to “kick” anyone on the right - leftists, dressed with masks and clubs direct traffic in Portland, Oregon - and anyone with a red hat gets bullied whoever they are - and Hillary, our iconic sore looser, can’t be “civil” to anyone who disagrees with her (her words). :roll_eyes:


What are you talking about…? Seriously are you going to funerals and saying this kind of stuff?

Are we going to use this level of thinking (US political nonesense) to lashes out to people who you don’t agree with. Sirje, stop with the petty politics and exhibit the level of thinking that Jesus would have. The problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that caused it.

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That’s what i was thinking.

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Then for goodness sakes, write something that a uses the level of thinking that is proper, constructive and shows you love and care (which I am sure you do).

You’re right. This isn’t the place or time to bring up all this political nonsense. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be said to fix this.


I do not condone anyone’s deplorable behavior.

I hope you didn’t miss the fact that there is an immense difference between the POTUS and any other person. He is the President of the United States of America, foe heavens’ sake! Do you condone his behavior? (The list of negative, deplorable actions and words of this individual is unprecedented and extremely long).

Perhaps you also missed the fact that not one single Republican in Congress dares to denounce his deplorable behavior no matter what. Every time a reporter asks them a question on Trump’s absurdities, they start talking about Hillary…, but wouldn’t dare to say a word about the POTUS. After all, maybe she was not that wrong when she called some people “deplorable.”

In September I spent 12 days in Vienna, and had the opportunity to talk to people from everywhere in the world. I don’t think that any former US President, not even W. Bush, ever embarrassed us like this individual.

But I know, there are people who are OK about him and can just ignore, or even condone all what he does. Why? Well, …this one I don’t know… Another one I don’t know is why his immorality is completely ignored by people who defend Christian principles. How can they defend a compulsive liar and p**** grabber? I don’t get it!!!

Enough on my side. Back to NAD’s statement.

Good luck !
Fat chance !
In your dreams !

SDA can’t even band together.
Narrowing it down…White male SDA can’t even band together.

Yep, Phil Brantley chose to interject politics.
We who like Trump do so because He is a politician that actually attempts to fulfill his campaign promises. As of now he has accomplished 8 of his 10. McCain ®, changed his previous promised views on healthcare or Trump would have had 9. If he had more Reps. he could build the wall and have 10. Now, that’s an honest politician…an oxymoron.
The lefties on this site seem to obtusely ignore that when they point a finger at Trump 3 are pointed back at themselves. :slight_smile:
To many, style and presentation are more important than actually accomplishing something. Trump views accomplishing as the goal!

We cannot claim to be children of God and yet cling to petty and vile rhetoric that is contrary to our high calling.

We are children of the kingdom of God where in this place such a level of thinking cannot be found.