North American Division to Cancel 2020 Pathfinder Bible Experience

The poor victim, the Russian Agent Orange now “occupying” the White House.

There, I fixed it.

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He’s too high on meth to want to drink.

Faith has a developmental pathway. We see this among children who have been neglected and/or abused. Their faith differs from children who grew up in a nurturing, safe, predictable and supportive environment. The emotional scars they carry are unlike physical scars which heal. Unless the trauma has been processed and understood, the scars linger for years as if it happened yesterday. They tend to be cautious and vigilant and this is where doubt and scepticism emerges. It is a normal reaction which takes years of therapy. A public profession of faith is insufficient and superficial at best.

I once had a patient who had an alcoholic father. His father tormented him during his formative years and on occasion would point a gun at him. When I completed his spiritual history, he told me he did not believe in God. He did not have to tell me. I already had a hunch what his answer would be.


Can you realize how this would affect tithe income on all branches of the church? We may be forced to have Conference officers elected from home churches, on a mostly volunteer bases. Churches could elect their own pastors and pay them what they are able. Instruction from Conference and Union will not be needed, the high paying jobs will be gone.

IOW, this idea is not going to fly. If many “high paying jobs will be gone,” then this is not a viable option, of course. This would be cruelty toward those dedicated people who are now doing that hard work… :roll_eyes:

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When I think of Trump, I think of Daniel 4:17

When I think of Trump, I think of George.


Don’t watch the news… If you do, you will be thinking of George a lot!!!
Which can actually be good for you!!! :rofl: Very therapeutic… :wink:

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That’s a very good come back George. I like that about you among other things.

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It’s just a skill… to deal with difficult people… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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