North American Division Votes $10 Million COVID-19 Stimulus Package

On June 23, 2020, the North American Division (NAD) Committee voted a stimulus package of $10 million to provide financial assistance to the division’s conferences through its unions. This comes at a time when COVID-19 has impacted many Adventist members and entities.

“The North American Division recognizes the financial challenges facing the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America due to COVID-19,” the proposal stated. “Careful consideration has been given to the current and future financial health of the North American Division relative to the amount of the appropriation provided.”

The proposal recognized that the division needs to retain the ability to continue providing critically-needed services, and exists to serve its field.

“The North American Division wishes to accomplish two things with this action,” stated Randy Robinson, NAD Treasurer. “First, to provide an additional financial boost to conferences who are hurting as a result of COVID-19, and second, to make sure we can maintain current levels of regular appropriations for as long as possible, even during a difficult economy.”

NAD Treasury used detailed financial information, including metrics for measuring the health of the organization at the division level, to determine a recommended appropriation in the amount of $10 million. The formula used to determine this number, simply put, is: balance sheet cash (cash plus investments) minus (restricted net assets plus all payables).

“Using 2019 year-end and interim April 2020 financial information, it is determined that the NAD is able to appropriate up to a total of $10,000,000 for the benefit of conferences financially struggling as a result of the COVID-19 crisis,” read the proposal.

The funds would be split into two rounds of funding for conferences and an additional funding source for NAD ministries: $5 million in unrestricted round one funding to be distributed to the NAD’s nine unions and the Guam-Micronesia Mission (GMM) disbursed primarily based on tithe contributions; $3 million of round two funding available to the nine unions and GMM, distribution to be determined on a need-only basis later in 2020 after an evaluation of round one appropriations; and $2 million earmarked for need-only distribution for NAD entities including Adventist Information Ministries, North American Division Evangelism Institute, Christian Record Services for the Blind, Pacific Press Publishing Association, Oakwood University, AdventSource, Seminars Unlimited, and Adventist Media Ministries.

“We are pleased to be able to offer these funds to places in the church that are hurting the most," said Robinson. "We are family, and when one hurts, we all hurt. We want to do our part to alleviate that hurt, and we are glad to partner with our Unions to do so.”

“If the NAD can help our churches and entities during this time of struggle and uncertainty, we must,” said Daniel R. Jackson, NAD president. “I’ve said this before and still believe it to be true: this division is the most faithful and cooperative division in the world. Mission, and spreading Christ’s messages of hope and wholeness, is a part of who we are as Adventists.”

Jackson added, “I’m humbled when I consider the faithfulness and generosity of our people — beyond the money. God is faithful, and He will see His people through.”


This article was written by Kimberly Luste Maran and originally published by the North American Division. It is reprinted here with permission.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash


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Whereas the GC division (?) has been uncooperative and entitled, even wasting resources by forming useless compliance committees, polarizing the church by alienating women and marginalizing those who were blessed by being different. I say turn off the spigot that flows to the GC and divert those funds for the benefit of the “faithful and cooperative division in the world.”



I wonder however if the GC is going to do anything like that.
As you see my platform in 2015 was wise, when I proposed to run for GC Presidency promising to eliminate it in 6 months, thus putting also myself out of work. Just imagine if the electors had been wise enough and had elected me! We wouldn’t be talking about the GC anymore! Follow the money, though… :wink:


More of a recovery than stimulus package, but appreciated still. Appreciated by whom? The land that is watered is that closest to the river.


To anyone belonging to the GC nominating committee, please “Write In” the name George Tichy, PhD, for GC president. :wink:


“closest to the river”…I have less objection to this happening in the NAD than them sending their “water” to the GC.

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Yeah, the GC will never experience any flooding… they can use as much “water” as they get. You know, a river of “green water” … LOL


And the most money flows from a conference with a voted president by their constituents but not recognized by the GC.

Go Figure!


As I said many times before, the checks from the Conferences should be signed by the Conference President. Since there is no president at the SECC …, there is no check going upstairs to the GC. Simple logic, isn’t it… :wink:


Why would it be called a Stimulus package, and not something that would communicate that money is taken out of savings and investment portfolio to fund the operations of NAD Adventist institutions?

Are they borrowing that money? Where is it coming from?


I wonder also where the money is coming from? If from reserves, then the Division should reduce their appropriations they receive from local Conferences for they have received more then they need. I also did not see the Division was reducing staff and other expenses.


why not turn off spigot to NAD
STIMULATE what ? American disorder and fund social justice political movements


Did I really read, $10 million? That really is only $5 million? Spread over 10 entities? Well, that will just about cover the president’s salary, and the secretaries. Adventist hospitals, which I know are out of this mix, pay executives a million a year in salary…plus bonuses. How nice of Wilson to toss a crumb to the little people.


you are, of course, referring ‘carefully’ to soylent green… :rofl:


Come to think about it, you do have a point because the NAD is essentially a GC entity. Should the GC be phased out, all divisions will go to the chopping board. More savings!

I guess the proper term would be “returning the funds where they came from.”


Big time savings!
This why a couple of years ago I suggested that the Unions should be preserved but all offices above that need to go. And many Unions can be merged too.


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