North German Union Requests GC Rescind the Document Passed at Annual Council 2018

Are there any doctrines/beliefs that you have come to view as needing to be revisited? Lessons to learn and unlearn?

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This reminds me of some cases I saw where a child was still living with the parents at age 40 or even 50. No job, no dating, no nothing. And the parents were totally codependent, of course/

Sometimes it seems that this is the kind of people the “black suited administrators upstairs” want to have in their churches. Church members that refuse to be controlled are called “rebels.”


Forbidden territory. It’s not going to happen, ever.


As far as doctrines are concerned, anythng that hinges on 22/10/1844 being different to 21/10/1844 or 23/10/1844 - so that means IJ, the peculiar interpretation of the Sanctuary…
Any doctrines that hinge on Year/Day.
Perhaps the only “doctrine” that stands the test of time and scrutiny is the one that counts - we are saved not by what we do or don’t do, but by who we are - the chosen heirs of God. Accept that fact (and the Grace it implies) and you will be saved. All the other aspects flow out of that…When you are chosen/special, you want to tell everyone about it, not hide it from people.
Key lesson… When you stop learning you start dying. As an individual or an institution.

That scratches the surface


I agree…

Would changing that doctrine put EGW’s prophetic position in jeopardy?


Yes, and in this case it’s defined as “insanity of the mind” and “spiritual deviance.”


There is “inspiration” and “Inspiration” and I think at times EGW wrote with both. Unfortunately, the powers that be assume that she only wrote with “Inspiration”. If that position is taken, then her prophetship is in jeopardy. I believe she was a “prophet” who wrote some “inspired” writings and some “Inspired” writings. I am not sure which is which, hence the need for personal study and conviction. If we took the same approach to science that some of our leaders take to theology, doctrine and EGW’s writings, we would still be driving horse buggies and burning candles.
EGW never claimed to be the arbiter or final word on doctrine but that is the position that the GC is putting her into. I am sure some in Silver Springs look at the Mennonites and the Quakers and smirk, “Fancy being stuck in history like that.” The problem is the thinking of the GC is no better, they just got off the train 100 years later (but still in the 1800’s).


I wonder if anyone has any update of this issue. Any reaction that has possibly been leaked from the GC? Or do we need to contact Julian Assange now???

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