North Pacific Union Delegates Not Allowed a Vote on Women’s Ordination

Concerns over equity, diversity, inclusion, and accountability swirl around the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (NPUC) as it prepares for its first constituency session since 2016. This is according to recent interviews with more than a dozen NPUC constituents, some of whom spoke to Spectrum on the record and several on condition of anonymity to avoid retaliation. “The constituents of the North Pacific Union must be on the front line of diversity, as well as equity and inclusion,” said Reginald Richardson Jr., pastor of Your Bible Speaks Seventh-day Adventist Church in Portland, Oregon. “Those in opposition may be disappointed upon their arrival in heaven. Heaven is the headquarters of diversity, equity, inclusion, and reconciliation.”

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It would seem that a cottage industry could be spawned where camp meeting hand fans could be distributed to delegates with GO WO printed on them.


It’s clear and transparent, the NPUC decided to stay in the medieval stage of development instead of joining other Unions that already walked into the 21st Century. RIP NPUC.

I like the idea, GO WO!


I wonder if the author truly understands the statement he makes in this first sentence. The use of the terms equity, diversity, inclusion, and accountability have some counter-measures when mixed in with “accountability”. I would think that accountability is a measurement resulting from capability and accomplishment. The terms equity, diversity, and inclusion do not add as qualifiers for capability and accomplishment and therefore do not apply to accountability. Equity for instance is a removal from some in order to give to an undeserving other and is used within a racist minded discussion.
Mr. Alexander Carpenter, I wonder if you are actually following the line of thought within your sentences?

Oh, my! I wonder who would have agreed to putting that into print? That shows racism if I ever saw it.

Regarding voting on women’s ordination, well, if they are qualified to do the tasks, they by all means should be allowed, but not merely because they are one of the two genders God created. I wonder why there is a refusal to allow the voting on women’s ordination?

50% increase in female pastors might mean they’ve gone from 2 to 3. I wonder what the real number is or what percentage of the total number of pastors females make up.


Yesterdays men, in yesterdays church, can only respond to yesterdays issues. They are not equipped for todays world.

Some facts. In 2021 the NPUC had 1.4 baptisms for every 100 members. The average for North America for that year was 2.0 baptisms. Another way of framing it is that it takes 71 adventists to make a new adventist, compared with 50 adventists on average to make a newbie. Not winning on that front.

The NPUC members are also dying off 25% faster than the North American average, for each of the past two years.

But nah, nothings broke, so no need to fix it. We have the “truth”, and abide by it, and that is all that matters.


I wonder who you attribute the powers of creation to in the case of the LGBTQ+ population.
Yes, who created the gays, the lesbians, etc? If there is one in your family, who created that person?
Just curious… :wink:

Isn’t it baffling that a so unsuccessful Union, where 70 people are needed to make one conversion happen, is so retrograde that it’s poor leadership keeps fighting towards enforcing discrimination of women? Don’t they havbe some real work to do?