Northern California Conference Votes New Officers and to Move the Conference Office

@Seriously, no I wasn’t a delegate or attendee (hard from this side of the globe). Thank you for the clarification. It appears to have been handled appropriately the way you have explained it. I appreciate the clarification and I stand corrected. Apologies to anyone I may have offended.

It would be an interesting exercise to choose at random any one congregation/church today and, page by page, compare their actions to the church manual. If the manual can be weaponized, just consider the potential for the elimination of noncompliance. Think of the potential for uniformity. Oh, and I’m still waiting for the catechism committee to be announced. Give me all the right answers so I can memorize them and quiz others to make sure we’re unified.

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this may have been a situation where smarter politics would have included on the agenda the five proposals from local churches in order to prevent the perception that their concerns were being sidelined…ensuing discussion could have shown that they were out of NCC’s jurisdiction, were based on factual errors, were redundant, or didn’t meet criteria requirements, as opposed to having NCC ExCom simply saying that this was so…

i don’t see how conservatives can be expected to view this blanket exclusion in any other light than evidence that they are embattled, and that their leadership is tone deaf to their concerns…

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