Norwegian Union Responds to GC Unity Video

Do you believe that Ted does not review these important communications that go out to the SDA world?

Do you believe the GC doesn’t use professionals to carefully “script” these?


Actually, I was picturing the video arising, but now the Beautiful Vision of Bearded Ted is burned indelibly on my brain.

Thanks a lot, Kim. :roll_eyes:


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hope Sabbath school is filmed in GC building ?
so your saying everyone is checked by TED WILSON

Distinctly my pleasure…came straight from my creative subconscious. POOF!!! :joy:

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Simon –
Someone would have HAD TO SIGN the Authorization for the MONIES to be used to
produce such a production. The person Authorizing the spending of those $$$$'s had
to know it would be OK with the Boss at the Top.
We are talking about a LOT of time on the clock, at $$$'s per hour. So the manufacturing
of this short video did NOT come Cheap!
A lot of people were involved with its production.


Did I say “everything”?

The word was “important”.


Absolutely correct. I made a professionally filmed video that was 4 min. long. I wrote, directed, setup, etc…paying for filming alone was 2k! This video was much more involved with many people.


Christians give up their worldly rights. We are not hers of this world. Why do we demand something the world has? If a pastor now is just another job, then those who are pastors, will one day want a union. What happened to being humble and serving?

No one said “every word was directed.” In corporate hierarchies, the “bosses” have to sign-off on things they did not create, write, produce, or edit.

Do you remember the series of steampunk “Great Controversy” series, “The Recordkeeper,” that the administration funded, then decided to scrap when they didn’t like something?

Elder Jackson’s speech which has gone viral from the 2018 Year End NAD meeting was NOT scripted. Not sure what you are referring to or who your source is???


Saturday night I was at an AA Eat and Speak.
It was one of those every three month celebration meetings.
Persons receive Celebration tokens for meeting self goals.
30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, increments
of 1 year.
It is a learning process. Not everyone is at the same place on the Journey.
But they ARE ON THE Journey. Whether it is 1 day or 25 years.
I learned a NEW Definition of REPRIEVE last night.
Reprieve – Suspended Sentence From God.

Those who have Suspended Sentences are in Unity together. Even though they
are at different stages of “clean living”.
Men AND Women of the church [small “c”] are all equal – Suspended Sentences.
Persons given Suspended Sentences are called of God.
Told to “What was given to you freely, you must give away freely.” – Matt 10:8.
“What we have heard and known for ourselves must be handed on by us to the
next generation.” – Ps. 78:3,4.
All Reprieved are called to “Carry THIS Message” to others.
Some “Carry THIS Message” as a “hobby”, a “part-time activity”. Paying their own way.
Some ARE CALLED to “Carry THIS Message” as a PAID, FULL-TIME JOB. With Each
ONE being treated equal – equal pay equal treatment.


Yes! I said it several times, that the “Repeal & Replace” technique needs to be applied. I too wonder why do we have to wait until 2020 is the damage is being done to the Church right now?

And thank you for bringing up the “groupthink” issue. Right on the money!


Now Nathan, you just mind your Fr Ted and Mother Ellen.
Do not ask too many questions, we have it all fixed for you.


“Seminary” – if you are thinking Andrews University, you can forget that!
It is very easy for Denominational Employees to get a Pink Slip saying that their
position is no longer available.
Just remember Southern in 1982 - 1984. Money decimated that Religion Department.
Those persons in our various Religion Departments DO NOT FORGET Southern.

Money even got the President of Southern removed.


As a Norwegian living in Tromsø, Norway I am proud of my Union leadership. If anyone has been uncertain about the thinking and good will of the current GC leadership towards freedom of thought and speech, this video says it all. Even children are exploited in the desire to achieve so-called uni(formi)ty.
I am wondering how much lower the GC is willing to fall… There seems to be no one willing to stop this tragic self-destruction of legitimacy and reputation.


Fulcrum 7 –
I would suggest reading the comments to a recent article–
“Mid-America Union makes plans to ordain women in near future”.
To catch the thinking of some otherwise “normal” looking SDAs.

Of course Fulcrum 7 does couch the article with the idea that
Mid-America is going the way of the “other rebellious” NA Unions.


This re-parody is better than the previous heavy metal mix one.

Warning, you are likely to chortle your postum and wheaties all over your laptop…

GC video, appalling; Parody of it, priceless!

Love it, though it is also a thoughtful response to the original’s thoughtlessness.

Don’t see it. Got a link to it?

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Here’s the earlier one…

Heavy Metal Musicover


The Woman Medical Person.
She is a Pediatric Physician.
SHE IS ALLOWED to become a Medical Doctor, BUT SHE WILL DENY
Other Women to follow their dreams of answering the Spirit’s CALL in
Their lives!!!


There ARE WOMEN Physicians who are Department Heads. THEY are ALLOWED TO
direct MEN DOCTORS. And THAT is OK!!
Nobody quotes BIBLE VERSES to them.