Norwegian Union Responds to GC Unity Video

(Steve Mga) #61

There ARE WOMEN Physicians who are Department Heads. THEY are ALLOWED TO
direct MEN DOCTORS. And THAT is OK!!
Nobody quotes BIBLE VERSES to them.

(Harry Allen) #62

From Victor Marley, Finn F. Eckhoff, and Jóhann E. Jóhannsson: More proof that things work better in Scandinavia.


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What are the chances that a video would air in ANN without TW’s consent? If he could wipe out the name of the SECC president off the perennial best seller (who reads those books anyway?) SDA Annual Yearbook, why not a fleeting video?

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Yeah, I’m thinking SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University. And yes, you are probably right about the Pink Slip. I wonder just how many people are valuing their paycheck over their conscience in this church.

I loved and respected my professors at Andrews and Southern. And I know that there is not uniformity of thought in either school. I just hope that no one with insight on the needs of our church is sitting in their office with their head down, watching for their direct-deposit.

I have always been told that if you are in a position of power or influence you have a responsibility to say something, do something, or write something to express your thinking, to support what you feel is right. Maybe these individuals just don’t have a good way to express themselves outside of the classroom. Or maybe their Delimitation of Academic Freedom policy is muzzling them.

(Steve Mga) #67

Nate –
I believe you have voiced the Problem --Delimitation of Academic Freedom Policy.
We have seen this shoved down various schools in our Universities.
1982-84 – At Southern ALL except one of the Theology Dept was FIRED because
they taught from the Bible ONLY and not from Ellen. It even eventually got the
President FIRED. [I graduated Dec1983 Southern BSN.]
The SCIENCE TEACHERS – not long ago we saw a muzzling of science Depts
being muzzled in our Western Universities and the professors unable to discuss
certain topics.
We recently saw the pushing of having ALL staff in our North American schools to
sign a LEGAL agreement of being agreed with ALL “28” SDA Doctrines. Another
way of LIMITING what can be discussed in the classrooms – elementary, high
school, university.
Yes. It must be difficult being a staff person, whatever the position, in our schools
of “learning”. And then we had the recent item brought up at Autumn Council where
persons were ENCOURAGED to Report persons who have a disagreement with SDA.
Whatever that disagreement is.
Lots of FEAR our there. And it has been deliberately caused.


As of October we are in the new “compliance era” of reporting and tattling and bringing offenders for trials in compliance committees. An authoritarian attempt to “purify” and force members toward perfectionism of The Remnant.


Now we must suffer and sell our secrets
Bargain, playing smart, aching in our hearts

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nice, Cassandra :innocent:


Been saying it was a Trojan Horse for many years.

We let one in the front door of our family home 40 years ago.

Once burnt, twice shy.

(Kim Green) #72

You were certainly spot on with the rearing of the ugly head of “Headship” (last Generation Theology) many years ago.


You’re not kidding, spot:

Tyler, Texas was a hotbed of Christian Reconstructionism. Home of Scary Gary North, I kid you not.

It felt like God picked me up by the scruff of the neck and dropped me in Tyler six weeks earlier than my family arrived from our home in Western Washington.

By the time my husband and children arrived, those people had my mind.

I was Gothardized out of my gourd…while holding a Seventh-day Adventist Missionary License, and awaiting visas to Brazil, which never went through.


Headship is a horse of another color than LGT, but, as I found out, they fell in love and had monster-babies.

In my head.

(Kim Green) #75

Amazing…in a short period of time! Who knows what your life would have been like had you gone to Brazil.


I posted this on youtube in the comments section of the ANN’s post.

I almost immediately had someone accuse me of posting click bait…sigh

See comments on the url below


The Gothard man who picked me up at the airport took me to lunch and drew this famous graphic on a napkin for me, before I even arrived in Tyler:

They wasted no time packing me on a bus and shipping me to Dallas to a Gothard Seminar, before my husband arrived…

I was sent to Tyler to counsel with the Gothard pastor at the behest and and expense of the GC.

They were supposed to be fixing me up, because I had doubts about being a missionary.

All our belongings were packed in sea crates in San Francisco, waiting for our visas to go through.

I sure did want to please, so I got with the program.

Then Brazil got suspicious of missionaries and cut off visa applications.

So we were stranded in Tyler with the Headship honchos.


I don’t know, but probably you would have never heard of a fictional character who called herself “Cassandra of Perelandra.”

Which would suit me just fine.


What is the source document that the illustration is from? It looks like a scary book


Can’t even find the video, much less the comments on ANN, David. Hints?

The comments on the YouTube ANN channel are interesting.


I think it’s the 1981 Gothard Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts big red seminar book:

They’re selling them on Amazon now. Used to be that only initiates of the Seminar had access to them. Now they seem to be up for grabs, and yes they are scary.

(They met a violent, and very hot, end at my house.)

Gothard has been dethroned at his organization for sexually inappropriate behavior, but is still lionized.

I guess we’ll see about the “diminished influence.”

Gothard had many bizarre teachings besides Headship, that probably won’t find their way into Adventism, I’m hoping.


Sorry the url is youtube as are the corresponding comments.