Norwegian Union Responds to GC Unity Video


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Sorry—I missed the YouTube part of your post.

House just flooded for the fourth time…a bit distracted…

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Oh brother… the GC is in a free fall. They are quietly working on the execution… well, the execution of their Machiavellian plan - this is what I meant!.. :wink:

The only way to stop the nonsense is the Divisions keeping their support to those Unions that will keep their door closed to the KGC Kompliance Komandos, and will escort OUT anyone from the GC that shows up for the “execution” … of the “plan”…

And, hopefully, in 2020 the whole gang will be voted OUT and replaced with people who hold a more noble level of decency and Christian behavior.

Until then, though, DISCRIMINATION OF WOMEN will be on the table of all Unions, a free meal delivered kindly by the lovely KGC of Ted N.C.Wilson!!!

The LGTarians made it to the top. Just read this on Wikipedia, where he is identified as one of “them,” by his own assumption:

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I bet…but my life online would be the poorer without her. :kissing_heart:

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I saw this last week…there is no doubt that he is listed among the “notables” of Headship. Such a sad legacy he is going to leave Adventism- a greatly divided and diminished church.


God did the same for me.

My life as a journalist continued in East Texas when I was dropped into Tyler where I lived and worked as an editor, newspaper reporter, magazine reporter, and covered commissioners’ court, school board meetings, and specialized in agriculture in a 16-county region.

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An excellent response by Norwegian Union. The producers of GC Unity Video, and those who support it, may have good intentions (or not), but instead they have revealed something about themselves. I feel sad and embarrassed for them. I feel sad that they felt urged to portray their feelings in this way.


Wow. Sounds like you had a great experience in Tyler! Was that long ago? Did we know each other?

There is that thing about Tyler.

When I first got here, the Gothard people told me the area is sacred, and people don’t come to the area by accident, but by Design.

It was all very heady and Important. :roll_eyes:

It’s probably a conceit that infects many areas, like Tyler, Sedona, and Boulder, etc.

But there remains in my mind and experience that there is something uncanny about all three places. :eye:


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I don’t much like her and I’d like to put her in a gunnysack and drown her. :slight_smile:

Soooo tired of thinking about Adventism…erg… :tired_face:

Know any good therapists? :wink:

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NO, he doesn’t need to - he has his informers. In fact, informing the higher authorities has become a policy defined duty since GCAC18.

Ted Wilson does have a long track record of personally interfering - right down to conference level when he deems it necessary. He is driven by a mission to get the house in order (that is - what he perceives to be the needed order of the day) and does so with great energy - following his conscience (rather than sound advice or majorities). If only he would let others live by the same principle…

Having said that … I certainly would agree with @simon that TW is a kind of figure head. Remove him from the bow of the ship and it will still go in the same direction. The old ocean liner will need time to readjust its course. We need to understand it is a systemic issue, not just a personal one.

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Stay away from those people!.. They may cure you… :sunglasses: :innocent:
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It is amazing, how the “fringes of the church” speak up load and clear. Luke 19:40 came to my mind:
“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

The “they” might sit in responsible positions in silver springs, the stones are rolling and rocking in the fjords.

Unity? In Christ alone.

(George Tichy) #95

For some reason the system that has just been installed in our Church, the KGC Kompliance Kommandos operation, reminds me of another system that used exactly the same tactics of having “informers” everywhere, the SOVIET system.

I never suspected that a Christian Church could actually decay so much, to a point so low as the Soviet system. But yes, our Church just did! Thus, the question arises, “Can this Denomination still call itself ‘Christian’?”


What kind of world would it be if you guys “cured” all the weirdos?

(Serious, but rhetorical, question.)

(George Tichy) #97

Think of “paradise” for a moment…

(Serious, but rhetorical, answer.) :wink:


Yes, I suppose.

You and Elmer wouldn’t be Seventh-day Adventists though, I’m guessing.

Would Adventism even exist?

Would this exist?


New York Times: CLASSICAL MUSIC; Though This Were Madness, Was There Yet Method in 't?

Do the extreme emotional states in Romantic music arise, at least in part, from the mental turmoil of those who composed it?

Is manic-depressive illness an obstacle for artists to overcome or a spur to creativity?

Is it even possible that in the 20th century, psychiatry and pharmacology have been so successful at restoring balance to the minds of the mentally ill that their artistic creativity has suffered as a result?


But neither I, nor Kay Redfield Jamison, believe the world would be “paradise” without psychotherapists.

It would be very helpful if the damaging ones were retrained, or found another occupation, I think.

So, the Norwegians, and many of the rest of us, may take issue with the GC, but nobody is saying Seventh-day Adventism should not exist.

Even I don’t say that.

Yes, Adventism is basically crazy.

But even crazy serves its purpose, in the grand scheme of things.

The urge to “stamp out” anything is contra-nature. Nature evolves.

I hope to see Adventism evolve rather than split, in a fury of mutually-assured destruction.

This will require a high order of thinking and dedication.

Just my opinion.

Philosophy, understanding and the consultation: a fusion of horizons:

(Dr. Harris) #101

Kudos to the Norwegians! This is true leadership. May there be a wave of courageous responses and proactivity to move the Church forward, not backward.

(Kim Green) #102

No worries. You must have heard the phrase before…“Physician heal thyself.”? :laughing: