Norwegian Union Responds to GC Unity Video


I’m so tired
But I can’t sleep
Standing on the edge of something
Much too deep…

God, thank you for this church that saved me and has meant so much to me. May all go well for this people, for Jesus’ sake.

(Mark Cady, MD) #124

How sweet it would be to spend some real time, face to face with our brothers and sisters in Norway. I am convinced of one thing. That they take the gospel very seriously. That they are willing that nothing come between them their calling. The very calling of Christ.

These bold and honest Adventists have made the world gratefully just a wee bit smaller. On a scale that warms my heart, shows me courage and points my feet with confidence and clarity in the direction of Him.

Christ has called out Adventism in Norway to model His very office as “prophet, priest and king”. Most notably, they have spoken boldly for Him (prophetic); they have modeled grace lovingly (as a good king would); and shown the very way to His feet and to forgiveness (as such a high priest).

I am emboldened as well to live likewise for Him. All because the Norwegians chose to tell the truth. That God is who He says he is, and that He will do as He says He will do. And then finally ask, “Who is man, that he divines to challenge the Providence of God?”

So I see that truth cannot be silenced… Such an exciting time to be an Adventist. Even greater times are yet to come.

(Heather) #125

May God richly bless the missionaries in the Norwegian Union - our prayers are with every one of you. Keep working for the sake of mission, for the sake of the gospel, forsaking all else. Time is so short. When we are lambasted for wanting to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and use our gifts as He deems best, then we know for sure we are working ‘against the clock’.
Meanwhile, may I encourage all my sisters and brothers in Norway and beyond, “God is the eternal guardian of right. He has a tender care for the beings whom He has so loved as to give His dearest Beloved [Son] to save. He will deal with every wrong-doer.” Ellen G White, Education, 256.3-257.3
Remember that the secret to strength is that you each give yourselves time to think, to pray, to wait upon God for a renewal of physical, mental, and spiritual power. Be still and know.
PS - your assessment of the video is very restrained. The day will come when we will be bombarded with the same message hidden in a papal edict. Meanwhile - Psalm 37:5

(Kim Green) #126

Thanks for sharing more of your own personal experience with the errors and horrors of “Headship”. One of the cable shows that promoted this concept was the Duggar family…and now the children after the oldest sons fall from grace. I watch these types of shows because they illustrate so well the highs and the lows of this type of lifestyle.

The Duggar family is also part of the “Quiver-full” movement so all they do is centered around religion, the family and having lots and lots of kids. This also places the women in the home having kids and caring for them…there are no careers or any thoughts of a different lifestyle.

I will read the article…thanks for including it.

(Gerald McDonald) #127

You are misleading. There is no partiality being shown. There is only a simple belief that God has given what we should or should not do.

You open the door, to allow other to think now that men should be able to marry other men, and women, women. Is this the kind of partiality you believe the church should allow?

The whole of the church voted on this. It was not the officials alone who decided not to have women ordained.


Just to remind you, 70% of the world church are women. The voting bodies in no way represent the “whole of the church.” In this catch-22, women are mostly unable to hold voting offices in this church because they aren’t ordained. Any argument that a vote on ordination is representative of the entire church is false and misleading.

(Red Livingstone) #129

Hi Gerald, it’s Red again. Just to reminder that the “whole” church voted to NOT MOVE the authority and responsibility of ordination decisions from the Union/Union Conference to the General Conference Divisions. That was the motion, that was the vote.

The Divisions of the General Conference, because of the vote still do not have the responsibility and authority to make decisions about male ordination or female ordination. Out of their jurisdiction. Not allowed per the Working Policy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


A golden oldie…

I would suggest this one instead…it is shockingly accurate about satans expectations for the future, the second coming description and his view of the world during the thousand years he is bound to the Earth.

(Mike Wilson) #131

China is not likely as about half of the pastors are women by necessity - even the pastor of the largest church is a woman.

(George Tichy) #132

Can you please substantiate this claim of yours?
But please, with real facts. Please read everything that was voted on in every occasion.
Before you start, please also remember that there was NO vote on WO either at the SA/2015 GC, or afterwards including the AC/18. Therefore you must be referencing to votes taken before 2015.

As I said, please read what was voted on every time.

(George Tichy) #133

I call it demagoguery. I only wonder if people making statements like the one you commented on are actually completely uninformed on if they believe that we are uninformed about those issues. Go figure.

(Garth Bertrand) #134

Given that within the Adventist circle, ordination infers that a pastor can build churches, get exemptions with regard to certain government privileges, baptize, pray and teach, bless children, administer communion, why is it that their Administration do not want to give their female pastors that privilege if that can help them advance their work for God? Second, why within this business organisation their are some who are mixing and simultaneously calling God work and women role at home one and the same? And, three why create a video to justify why you have taken a drastic course for those who don’t want to comply with your decisions? What sort of cultic, sinister behaviour is that? I know the organisation like many other religious assemblies is a business, but I hope they not using the tither monies for that

(reliquum) #135

SpectrumGnosis is the official updated syndrome.
Not billable, curable, prooftextable, ignorable…

Or answerable…

(Kim Green) #136

"Or answerable…"

Especially that…a terminal illness.

(Gerald McDonald) #137

There are pastors and there are lay pastors. Pastors are ordained. They have been called to pastor.
And there are lay pastors made up of both men and women. Neither are ordained, because they are not called to do just what the pastor only is called to do.

The church as a whole sought the direction of all of those who are regularly asked to bring what the Bible has to say about subjects. They are some of the best among the theologians. And when they came together what was decided was what was handed down. Women should not be ordained. As I said once before. If God had wanted something different to be passed down, then nothing and no one on this planet, not even satan, would have been able to prevent this.

Whether we agree or disagree with what has been decided, God decided. And we must remember that if the other had been passed down, then there would be dissenter from the other side, who like some from the present dissenters, are making a great deal over that which they should not. Our business is not to dissent about that which is not made relevant in God’s Word. This subject is just as much like the “what should a Christian wear” category, or should we pray with out eyes open or closed category. Stop seeking what man has to offer and place your attention upon that which God is offering.

And let’s get on with our work that we know is ours. The spreading of God’s good news.

(Steve Mga) #138

We keep seeing persons claiming a pastor is “called”.
WHAT is the PROCESS to Discover IF some Male who wants to be an SDA Pastor
if that person WAS actually “called” by the Holy Spirit?
And, that they DID NOT just “call” themselves??

(Garth Bertrand) #139

And How Did these Theologian came to their conclusion when the Biblical authors were contradicting their view? For If they subscribe to Dr. Luke’s discourse, the Spirit of God was the one directing and sending. Thus in His entourage He would have female and male teachers, administrators (pastors), healers, ushers, interpreters and so on. If they subscribe to Paul’s letters it was the same result. That decision was clearly one of the General Conference Administrators and Not of God. There is something sinister about the process and they are covering up the process.

(Carrol Grady`) #140

If only there were some way for our thought leaders to unite in expressing their convictions, so it wouldn’t be just one person putting themselves out there. Perhaps that would stiffen their backbones!

(Carrol Grady`) #141

Not to mention, the largest number of women pastors!

(Carrol Grady`) #142

I am thankful for the clear thinking of Norwegian Adventists who cut through the “smoke and mirrors” deceptions our current leadership tries to foist on us. We must all stand up for what we know is right and follow our consciences, not our “church leaders.”