Oakwood University Aeolians Win World Choir Title

Cheers and prayers of thanksgiving rang out in the United Kingdom and across North America as word quickly spread that the Oakwood University Aeolians Choir won the World Choir Title (Choir of the World) in the choral category during the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfo in Wales on July 8, 2017. The University also received a second award as Jason Ferdinand, the Aeolians' director, was named Outstanding Director of the World Choral Festival. 

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Six years ago, the Adventist University of the Philippines Ambassadors won the same prize.

WoW! I listened to the clip. What a spiritually and emotionally uplifting gift that was. Nice work! Thanks.

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Excellent performances at the Eistefodd, Oakwoodites. I especially liked the sopranos carrying the lead melodies so outstandingly and effectively in some of the choral presentations.Aeolians can now seek to improve and widen their repertoire to become known as one of the world’s most outstanding choral aggregations, not just at the the Eistefodds. BRAVO!!!