Office for Regional Conference Ministries Expresses Strong Support for Women’s Ordination

The Regional Conference Ministry’s Executive Director, Elder D. C. Edmond, and Communication Director, Elder Darriel Hoy, both stated with confidence that all Regional Conferences in the North America Division are in support of women in ministry and women’s ordination. This was at the monthly Regional Ministry’s First Sabbath livestream series of November 13, 2021, entitled Leading Change: Women's Ordination.

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this is great…it just seems like WO is gathering more and more momentum…gender equality in our church is looking more and more inevitable…

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Ordination = Salary/recognition/benefits this has no direct implications of a calling. We cannot twist God and say because of ordination now this is a calling. However, I wonder if they will still claim Levitical benefits when they preach. Ordination of women is a great thing but the silence on removing the tithing system based on Levites points to the love of money being the center piece of all this fighting. Men protecting their share women fighting for that share of employment. Can a desire for money and power be labeled a calling? Ezekiel 34 fulfillment looms on our church may God have mercy…

It would be a significant development if the Regional conferences were trend setters in replacing Commissioning with Ordination for women. I wish the article had explained the purpose of RCM which may be significant to the Regional conferences, but not much beyond. I would be curious in knowing how prominent the Central States Conference was in influencing the recent decision of the Mid-America Union. While vocal support of regional conference presidents is a positive sign, the resolution of women’s ordination lies with the Unions.

I believe that each time the church leaders do the right thing it is a good thing. Having said the above, I also wish the same individuals would teach members regarding biblical meaning of ordination in order for members to see the error of those handful but influential pastors who preach against women’s ordination. Also, I believe any stand for women’s ordination should be issued along with a biblical discourse regarding the meaning of ordination so those ordained themselves understand what it is and what it is not. Regardless, this stand/statement is definitely a progress.

brother vandieman according to the Word of God women can more be an elder then they can be a father … It is really unfortunate that you folks have left off believing the Bible and started your own worldly religion. we will see who is left standing when the dust settles . Luke 21:36

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