Official Announcement on Postponement of GC Session

Victor, you may be right. Or, alternatively, some units of the Church may decide to ignore the GC when it seems right in the local context. The whole idea of one central policy being paramount across the globe and cultures may crumble.

Instead of bowing to “authoritarian control,” there may be outright rejection of it, leading to some kind of showdown or adjustment. Things cannot go on as they have been.

Is there a MuzBuz drive through coffee outlet nearby?, if so I am placing a booking!!

:notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note:…Dixie!!! (sorry, no Emoji for whistling!!)

We can all stay home and enjoy reparte with George!


That’s the plan for today: Blanket, hot tea/coffee, church online (LSU), and, of course, Spectrum.

Maybe watching the Presidential daily briefing. Curious which Press member he will wildly attack today for no reason…
Or, because I am tired of listening to his deplorable lies about how efficient he has been against the COVID-19, I may skip it today. The truth always ends up surfacing and exposing his lies. No wonder he hates the free Press.

Seems there is a little Trump derangement syndrome within your comments. I prefer to approach his announcements with an open mind, wait, listen, explore, investigate, then weigh the balance. I did that with Obama too and he continuously lost out.
God is certainly watching out for our nation and His followers, SDA or not. PTL this Sabbath and count our blessings.

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Using TDS as an argument against reality being pointed out is no longer effective after 17,000 lies to the Nation.

No wonder why he becomes so irate. His lies during his morning “updates” (just another TV show) have been quickly figured out and debunked by the Press a few minutes after he tells them to the American people - as if we were all cognitively impaired. He offends our intelligence by treating us as if we didn’t have one. Well, some people appear to enjoy being treated as if they were mere idiots…


And others appear to enjoy treating others as if they were more than mere idiots.

George, do you know the concept of self restraint, or can you actually not help yourself?


Yes, it is obsessive! I’ve never seen anything like it. :crazy_face:

Far too dangerous to employ the drinking game. That would prove deadly in short order…:sunglasses:

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Yes, investigation is best. Can’t be a sheeple. Continue praising the Lord for his great leadership and the leadership of our church.

Could you next Sabbath offer a Sabbath School class outlining all 17 k lies tying them into Revelation/ EGW/ TT/ and LGT. What a package that would be. You would jump up the ladder of SDA leadership. President TW and VP George Tichy. Think how much money that would be saved by not needing to have a GC convention, no deligates needed. It’s a win win​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

The time has come for a North American Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Not a North American “Division”.


HaHa, if I did that then you would see more reactions saying that I am “obsessed” with the issue. It seems that one way to excuse and protect a 17K-liar (and counting) is to go after those who point out the lies and mock them.

Chuck, just imagine what the reaction could be if I only mentioned the fact now being broadly broadcast that the administration was informed of the coronavirus threat at least two (or three) months ago but they chose to minimize it’s danger instead of acting upon it. And now…

Therefore, I better abstain from mentioning this fact… Just pretend you never read my post… :wink: :innocent:

Chuck, I just saw what Jeremy @vandieman posted. I am glad I never said anything about it. Now Jeremy may end up being accused of “obsession.” Poor Jeremy… :laughing:

You’re not a victim, doc
(except perhaps of your seeming unwillingness to help your obsession).
Nice try, and perhaps even more revealing.
Your schadenfreudian slip is still showing.
Please pardon me for my neologism, regardless however apropos it might-or not-be.

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This should come as no surprise. So many of us spoke of it on a previous thread. And if I am not mistaken, someone posted on this forum that the rules allow him to extend his term up to 2 years if the GC is unavoidably postponed. But since the Little Time of Trouble has begun, I expect that God is taking charge of His Church to see it through Heaven’s gates.

April 2nd still good for President Pence, right Henry?

What will actually happen to (King) Trump?
Will he abdicate the throne? Will he die in the next few days? If so, from the COVID-19?
Or will he ask for asylum in Russia (or Saudi Arabia) because another impeachable things will be discovered?
Or will he be ousted because of the horrible and flawed mismanagement of the CV-19 situation for over two months?
Or will he commit suicide due to guilt for the loss of hundreds of lives resulting from his negligent/irresponsible behavior for over two months?
Or will his 17K lying finally be considered reproachable by the Christians of the country?
Something else?

Just curious … :thinking:

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Waiting fervently for April 2. The issue is will it be on earth or in heaven?



Having and using a Plan B is always a great way to justify failure. I have the feeling, just a feeling, that Plan B will soon be claimed (again) to get away with another heresy.
Or, what will be the new date after recalculation???


Well, some Adventists, anyway.

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