"Old Fashioned," the Anti-"Fifty Shades," Opens This Weekend

"Old Fashioned," a film about a traditional kind of love that has positioned itself as the Anti-"Fifty Shades of Grey" Valentine's Day flick, is hoping to stage a coup as it opens this weekend in theaters across the United States. The film used a traditional-values, faith-based guerilla marketing campaign to seduce viewers looking for a romantic alternative to Hollywood's latest lust story.

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Betty and I don’t attend the theater. why one might ask. simple. we don’t like to walk on carpet sickly with sugar from semi dried Coke, have to crunch ones way through spilled popcorn, watch endless promos, Then have someone push their way through at half time. Thanks for the briefing. Tom Z


It will be interesting to see what happens. 50 shades has not gotten uniformly good reviews by any means and is seen by not a few as reflecting the increasing decadence of American society. As a truly R movie I predict it will not get as much action as expected. Most “R’s” don’t get that many viewers.

Just like the book which was poorly written, bland and well…boring, the movie looks, as the reviews tend to say, like schlock.

The alternative ‘Christian’ one looks even worse.

Nightcrawler is by far and away my fav recent film.

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Worldly Hollywood entering the SDA church! Whoever thought it would ever come to this. How sad. The pioneers must be turning over in their graves.

Phil:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Good admonition.
In The Grip of Truth

Tom, I go to the movies about once or twice every two months. There is a large 16-theater cinema near me and several similar in different parts of town. I have never yet been in one with sticky, popcorn covered floors. The janitors are there each time the showing is over to sweep it clean. But like you, if it was so bad, I probably wouldn’t attend, either. I watch the trailers to see which (of any) may be worth seeing, but there have been some excellent ones in the past and some good ones in the future. I was shocked when so few were at the first showing of “Selma” and so few African-Americans. Every young person born after 1950 should see this as a part of America’s history they they know very little.

Elaine Thanks.I see no sin in watching a proper movie in a clean movie house. the last ones Betty and I saw in the theater were Out of Africa and Chariots of Fire. Of course we have seen reruns on the small screen at home. Oh yes I saw the Hole in the Wall Gang after driving through that rugged country. of course the run of Law and Order was of interest to me. regards, Tom Z

I don’t remember using that term. I’m afraid I don’t understand the context of your question.

It wasn’t directed to you but the writer of the article about the couple in the story who were committed to “godly” love; but did not define its meaning.

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I find it really hard to make that call with only having read this article and watch the trailer. And I’m not sure it would fall under the category of “worldly Hollywood.” Making a movie is not a bad thing. Making a movie is like writing a song; can be used to reach people for good, or bad.

The only question remains is this: With filthy muck like “50 Shades of Grey,” do we sit back and allow that to be the only source of entertainment/inspiration young people get, or do we say enough is enough and throw our hat into the ring, too, and create a few of our own films, which counterattack popular culture? I’m only asking the question, nothing more.

Btw, here’s the trailer for anyone who’s interested.

In the comment section; someone writes: We need more movies like this. When DID treating women with respect become a joke, exactly?

Another says: My generation (not all of it) will most likely go and watch 50 Shades of Grey

Meanwhile…I’ll casually go watch Old Fashioned…

But without having watched the film, all I can do is ask questions.


The movie will do well Allen, because of the books/franchise. Check out this short article and 2 min news report:


Anyone who works in story telling knows one thing. “Don’t tell… show!” This film looks preachy, it looks like all telling and not much showing. Judging from the trailer. I don’t think it works creatively.

In full disclosure, I know next to nothing about 50 Shades of Grey. I don’t generally go for pop culture preferences, mostly because it is generally bereft of real art.

Be glad you dont Carrol. I almost lost my mind debating the writer of an article written about the movie over at advindicate. Up until a few days ago, I hadn’t even heard of it. And I’m wishing I hadn’t now. It opened up to me a level of hypocrisy in some SdA’s I never knew existed.

Apparently, I’m told, LGBT must! live according to the absolute strict standards found in Scripture. However!..married heterosexual couples can bring anything and everything into their bedroom, including the kitchen sink, to spice it up; and they’ll use and twist Scripture to justify their double standards.


In a very “worldly” discussion very recently one of the talking heads opined that what many young people today clamor for is excitement. I don’t recall any disagreement with this premise. Think back–other than winning souls and no home what did Christ offer the disciples? No exciting pleasures that the country could offer.

I’m reliably informed that in a showing of Old Fashioned in a large SDA church about .01 of the members attended.
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Based on your mention I made myself go to Advindicate (it’s discouraging so I try to avoid it), read that article & its comments.

I commend you for insisting on your point about misinterpretation of the Bible & SOP texts! You did so kindly & patiently.

The infrequent times I do read Advindicate, it seems that writer (?Iskander) is going on about sex. Although as a physician some of that would be appropriate, I find her focus weird & unhelpful, & end up wondering about her more than about the problems she addresses. In this article/comments, she justifies her writing by blaming sex for the high rate of failed marriages which is inaccurate. Failed marriages may have had poor sex, but not all do. Poor sex that is perceived to destroy a marriage is usually a symptom of personal & relational dynamics that require more than sexual technique advice.


Thanks for the article, Rachel. My husband and I went to the 7:15 PM screening as our Valentine’s outing last night (only two locations in PA, so we had to drive an hour and a quarter each way). Every seat in the theater was filled; we arrived just before the previews and had to ask a couple on the top row if they’d mind moving over so we could sit together.

We found it a charming film–not an embarrassment, though not Oscar fodder. We had a very enjoyable evening and were proud to see names we recognized when the credits rolled. (Hurrah for our side!)

The article did not mention that the film seemed to be set in the early 90s (wall phones with cords; no mention of the internet). It was nice to see the film gently lampooning the grimly righteous as well as calling out characters who callously used other people.

We won’t be seeing Fifty Shades. I told my husband that, anytime he wants, I can hurt him for free. (Slam your foot in the bathroom door for you? How arousing.)


Now that made me laugh. Bravo lol.

hopeful @hopeful Thats exactly how I saw it, too! You explain it so well; I wish I had your words. This is what I get for goofing around in school :-1:


Hey! Tony!
Dont feel bad that you are not a word smith.
Boys make “noises”.
Girls make Words.
Listen to 7, 8, 9 year olds playing. Boys are “noisy”. Girls dont make noise. They use words.
This is NORMAL human growth and development. UNLESS!!! You are a Left Handed boy. THEN
you make lots of words. And even talk earlier than a Right Handed boy.

Song of Solomon is pretty spicy!
But then, God didnt write that!
Some guy did, and was just included in the Jewish canon, again by guys.
I had an OT instructor at a non-SDA Bible college say that traditionally, only males over 30 were allowed to read Song of Solomon. Guess it was even TOO HOT for 21 yr olds, LOL!

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Sure is, and a Jewish friend of mine said it is even lovelier in Hebrew! But I don’t recall any gags and ropes in the scripture :smile: