On Being Fat

Frank, so sorry what happened to you. You’re not alone. Many of us pastors have felt defeated by criticism. You may like this piece by my friend Christopher Thompson. https://atoday.org/when-pastors-fall-who-helps-them-up/


Let me apologize for entering that late : Just some weeks ago I was enbarassed - in the Intercity and in the subway : Ttwo very voluminous persons . How could they ? No discilpline ! Just gluttony ! We are slim, the upper class, (?), we meet our obligations ! - The virtue of discipline !

How wrong ! Absolutely wrong ! Some just without discipline , they eat too much (gluttony !), but some are just - large ( look at their mighty wrists) and they suffer - also because of the prejudices they meet instantly and everywhere !

No, I do not forget the problem eaters. And the stress eaters. (My gnardfather, ordained 1910, at least
three evangelistic lectures and a Sabbath sermon the week, could only speak when - overeaten !)

I always wanted to be slim : It ist easy to transport this on a portrait / group photot . Just lower your jaw and appear to be slim : Oh, so spiritual, intellectual, ascetic, devout, intellectual - - -. .
No, I am not an expert on metabolism, but I know quite some people who just are overweighted, , not because of gluttony. And I am not suffering of obesity, but just look at the photso of my ancestors : stout people in all their poverty and austerity . . And now I should look like Gwynneth Paltrow ?

OK, instead of six spoons of poridge in the morning now only five - that scheme practiced during the times brougt nearly 20 pounds less. . That’s s all, but also the limit !.

And, you know : I simlply am cultivating a sort of vanity : As long as I could afford it : Nw seven downtown - tailormade suits. They just have to fit me - now for ten years retired - until my last day on earth. Because my budget in retirement does not allow an eight one !

The spiritually guided person is not at all limited to those to a shape of the couple in “Amerivcan Gothic”!

And also he “world” is judgeable : Fat ?! - What a shame ! Shoud join the latest “Live beter and healthier” - Programs ! Three time the week ito a fitness training center ! But just too lazy !!!