On Heaven and the Changing of Generations

Thrown out of church. Again. This seemed to be becoming a regular thing for my band.

We were called The Gospel Blues Band, and besides being mixed-race in 1972, we played in churches. Playing rock or blues in church in 1972 just wasn’t done. So here we were getting a tongue-lashing from the good Dr. Fredricksen on the church steps about how this “awful music” just wasn’t appropriate for the House of the Lord.

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The thought that immortality changes everything is indeed inspiring. Nowadays mankind produces knowledge and arts in a breathtaking speed, but a lot of that is lost again despite tremendous efforts to conserve that.

I am not so much convinced of classifying music into “high standard” and “degenerate”. My suspicion is that this classification largely serves to pet the ego. I like to compare music with food. On some days we are having a sophisticated multi-course meal that takes huge efforts to prepare, on other days we are enjoying a very simple meal that can be easily prepared. We would not classify a simple meal as “degenerate”. There is a time for everything. What is the point of devaluing little pleasures, be it food or be it music?

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Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

I would not classify music that way; I do think that there is degenerate music however, but it’s more piece or song-specific.

Best Wishes.

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