On Jesus, Paul, and Bacharach

If there’s one thing the Bible shows us, it’s that God can use anything as a conduit for delivering His messages. Whether it’s a converted religious leader who had overseen persecutions or a donkey that suddenly learned how to talk, God seems to specialize in utilizing the least likely source to get His point across.  And it isn’t just the Bible where this kind of thing happens. There is a plethora of contemporary examples of people seeing, hearing, and feeling God in everything from their morning toast to gorgeous scenes in nature. Personally, while I have yet to see a face in my toast, I have had my fair share of seemingly mundane moments were I suddenly had the feeling God was speaking to me. Enter Burt Bacharach.

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Gary-ism #27. I believe that since Love is the answer (see Gary-ism #8), then then the greatest songs in the world are “Love songs”. Have you ever listened to a love song as if GOD were singing of His/Her Love for you and believed it? Wow! And then try singing one back! Doing this changed my life!)


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