On Many Waters

The name Babylon has long been associated in Christian thinking with the ultimate enemy of God’s people. When one reads her description in Revelation 17, there are a number of points that appear attractive, and the danger she poses to God’s people seems more subtle than forceful.

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God in Christ created the earth in six days and in His rest He made the seventh day holy. Christ did the same on the Cross at sunset He cried It is Finished and rested. The problem is that a Adventism at its core has made the Sabbath an org. There is Glory in the virgin birth, there is Glory in the Cross, and glory in the Empty Tomb. There is Glory in His seat at the right hand of the Father. We live in expection of His return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is no day or time that is heresy in corporate worship as long as the object of that worship is Christ. Rev 14 is about Who alone is worthy of worship.Time May become a by product of that challenge. My personal problem is that Adventism in Augusta is vain, judgmental and superficial. I would love to rejoice with the likes of Fritz Guy et al. Now that Des Ford is at rest.

Am I wrong to suggest that Adventism has lost the true concept of the Sabbath and has made it its Idol? “Careful of the minutes before the sun goes down.” “Let’s get it exactly, every week the sundown hours are published in every churches bulletins. don’t do this, don’t do that.” I understand the third angel’s message is to worship GOD! Not a day. However, I do believe the Sabbath will be used as an “identifying” mark, just as Nazi Germany used tattoos on the Jews and the star of David patches on their clothes to identify them for destruction.


In the Jewish Tradition there is the “Candle Lighting Ceremony”.
Candles are allowed to be the real ones and fired with a burning match.
OR they are allowed to be candles that burn with a small battery under them.
The woman [women] of the household recite the blessing prayer as they
traditionally light them, pulling the warmth to their bodies with their hands.
Or the blessing can be done by anyone in the household.
Traditionally, the candles are lit “One Hour Prior” to sunset.
At Friday evening service in the Synagogue they are lit one hour or so to
IF sunset is less than an hour, [as in winter] then this portion of the service
is omitted.
I LOVE the Candle Lighting Ceremony in services. It helps ones Spirit to
welcome the Sabbath.


Lighting the Candles the person[s] say –
As I light these candles, may my eyes be opened to the Light of the world.
As I light these candle, may my inner eye perceive the Light within me.
May these rays of light spread blessing through the world: to my family,
to my friends, to all who know me, and to all those I meet.
By Your Light, we shall see light. May it be Your will that I may be at peace
and that peace may reign among us – AMEN.

THE BLESSING – Barukh atah Adoni, our God, sovereign of time and space,
who has provided us a path to holiness through the observance of mitzvot
and had instructed us to kindle the Shabbat lights."


Even without consciously realizing it, this prayer is pointing to Christ, our true rest. As Hebrews tells the Jews, despite their meticulous Sabbath keeping, they have missed the true meaning of that rest, so still, “there remains a rest for the people of God” - Christ. By us keeping it to the letter of the law, we are denying its rest - rest from working to qualify for salvation. Paul says some people keep a day, while others “keep” all days alike, let each choose. It’s not about a day, but about our rest, in Christ. By placing that halo around the Sabbath commandment, we are denying the rest it’s pointing to, as we condemn those who celebrate that rest on another day - or even, every day.

While we intone the words of Revelation as being our identity because we keep the seventh day (and that’s debatable), we totally ignore perfection in keeping the other nine. Truth be told, we miss the mark for all ten. That’s why we rely on the rest we have in Christ.


You’ve just explained why the Adventist last-days “unique”
three angels message to “be ready” with the embedded final day of worship test is really the antithesis of the powerfully simple gospel.


Yes, God rested and Jesus rested over the Sabbath after completion of His work for us. Thus Sabbath is rest in Jesus for His people. It cannot save; but His rest does. His rest replaces our futile works for salvation when we accept Him. This is the only reason to celebrate Sabbath.

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I don’t see the day as the “identifying mark”–it can’t save. It is the meaning of the day–rest in Christ for our salvation.

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