On Rejecting the Spirit of Prophecy

(William Noel) #41

Jesus was focused exclusively on ministering the redeeming love of God. He ministered to people individually and did not seek to change society. If anyone was surrounded by discrimination and a history of past offenses it was Jesus, yet He never paid a word of attention to those issues because He was not building His kingdom here. Instead, He was drawing the attention of people to the Kingdom of God which is not of this world. We need to have the same purpose focus as Jesus.

(George Tichy) #42

That’s what is frustrating talking to people who, when asked about their convictions and beliefs, refer us to a book! :-1: :-1:

Well, it’s in itself a clear attestation of lack of personal conviction. Every idea is based on someone else, “check it out yourself if you want; read book!”

But I understand, every person deals with issues in a different way. On my part, I wouldn’t dare to keep pointing a finger at others telling them how bad they are and at the same time refusing to tell them why I believe that way. But that’s just me… I actually don’t have a need to put others down just because they think differently than I do…

Well, gotta go…, back to reading a book…, about John Wycliffe. :+1:


This befuddling statement comes at he end of an otherwise agreeable comment. How does one distinguish between compassion dispensed in human power and compassion driven by the Holy Spirit? What’s so wrong with doing the right thing because it is the right thing? And what’s wrong with compassionate political policies?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #44

Justice doesn’t need any adjective. The term distributive Justice is actually an oxymoron. Micah has it clear. True mercy and justice comes from walking humbly with God. I was harassed for over a year because I objected to the mistreatment of serious wounded Japanese prisoners of war. As a faculty member at Marquette I was given the privilege to establish a special dental clinic to treat congenitally handicapped children. I did the same at Loma Linda and was given a grant to support the effort. To understand the constant struggle of cerebral palsy Irecsll a young man who some previous dentist had extracted all of his teeth. The constraint mouth movements prevented him from wearing dentures. I worked with him for almost a year. one morning the newspaper carried the story of him jumping off the 35th street bridge onto the railroad tracks beneath. Now we have implants. Ten years too late.

(Patrick Travis) #45

Sometimes George it is necessary to have insight into something for which there isn’t a soundbite answer.
I am referring to theological liberalism which has spread into the present discussion of “social justice” and its meaning. Society has become “church.” How perfect for the utilitarian use of the state! An example of a prostitute woman riding a beast…I’d say.

(Patrick Travis) #46

I appreciate these things and have done some of this charity mission myself. I dont oppose nations from choosing their choice of government weather it is England, Cuba, Scandinavia, etc.
What I oppose is religious voices describing some of those socio-economic systems as “moral.” In that sense one is claiming a redistribution of earned wealth is the moral imperative in the political/state sphere.
I dont find the OT, Jesus or any of scripture doing that.

(Kim Green) #47

"personal responsibility and accountability"

And how do you see these things fixing past injustices such as unequal pay, no voting rights, or slavery? I find the rhetoric of “culture of victimhood” to be quite vacuous at times.

(Sirje) #48

While we don’t agree on everything, I think your views on what passes for “social justice” I can agree with. No one can legislate morality or justice. These come from places other than law books and courts run by political cronies - and are on the same plane as those who “like to stand on street corners and pray, so as to be seen of men”. Some personalities like to wield placards and shout, while the real work is done one-on-one, and never even noticed.

(Kim Green) #49

So, since you know what doesn’t work…what will?

(Patrick Travis) #50

Well Kim, that is an endless victimhood and pit that has no end. It’s a bit like divorce in which future generations suffer the economic difficulties of their parents choices. One of the major causes of household poverty. Who do you blame and what good does it do?
As Ben Carson’s mom instilled, you adopt for yourself, today, personal responsibility and accountability.
I suggest no major country that was involved with slavery has done any better than the US to make the law “blind” in regards to equal justice under law.

(Kim Green) #51

I don’t blame anyone in particular, Patrick. If one leans towards the “conservative” positions in politics than it is “personal responsibility and accountability” which are the answers. If one leans “liberally” then it is the role of government to do more, etc.

The truth is that there is no one answer to solve all of the ills of society and this has been so since the dawn of time.

(Kim Green) #52

"He ministered to people individually and did not seek to change society."

William, Jesus knew that he was changing the world both spiritually and physically. I can agree that he was not there to set up a new form of earthly government but he did know he was changing society forever.

(Patrick Travis) #53

I remember, as likely you do, Johnson’s “war to end poverty” almost 50 years ago. The present “political liberal” view is well it just wasn’t enough!
The road on the path downward is now guaranteed annual income and “free” medical benefits for all.
Is my appraisal of US political history wrong? What is taking place is the deconstruction of one system and replacement of it with another while claiming a “moral” superiority.

(Patrick Travis) #54

One soul at a time. AMEN!

(Kim Green) #55

I think both “systems” do the same things (just using different methods). We are on a socialistic pathway now which has been developing for a while. There are pluses and minuses to both political systems but the trajectory is now towards the “European” model of things.

(Patrick Travis) #56

Seems that is what the “globalist” interest wants. That is the source of animus the present administration is receiving. It flies in the face of what the gradualism of the last 50 has prepared us for from politics, finance,religion etc., I SUGGEST.

(Kim Green) #57

Most likely…but society changes and this is what we are seeing as a result.

Look to Canada if you want to see the blend of capitalism and socialism in force. Very instructive.

(Patrick Travis) #58

Is that why they often come here for medical care?

(Kim Green) #59

Medical care is good in Canada…but it is portioned out just like in Europe which is why the ones with money come here. As throughout history- those who control the purse strings, control the world.

I think that the real issue is that socialism does serve more people but does not guarantee that there will be enough for all or good quality. It is a matter of what your personal philosophy is.

(Patrick Travis) #60

I suggest the present major western economies would best be described as “Progressive Facist.” That is where Gov’t allows enterprise in private hands but controls all through taxation and regulation.