On Remaining Silent

(Cfowler) #27

Not voting, or casting a vote for someone who has absolutely no chance of winning, is certainly an option. But, if you are going to vote…then why wouldn’t you vote for the lesser evil (if that is how you see it). Isn’t lesser evil a better choice than greater evil?

(Randall) #28

"Racism and White supremacy raped these places of their human capital and natural resources, creating the very conditions that Trump now attributes to the victims as opposed to the perpetrators."
When I read down to this statement, I realized I had the core around which all else was written in this article. Previous to and after this comment I saw hints of political stances clothed in moral certitudes and vague generalities.
But this statement, this baldfaced, unsupportable comment betrayed the intent of the article. I am Hebrew, Spanish, Scottish and Native American. To look at me, you would say I am White. It should be of some interest to the author of this article that three of these groups have suffered persecution, not all by white people, and one of those three is White. Persecution has existed for centuries…and quite a bit of that persecution was white on white, black on black…and brown on brown.

(George Davidovich) #29

I think the author of this article speaks in circles, first it is said that if we need to prove that Trump is racist we have bigger problems to deal with, but then it goes right into an analysis of how deeply racist Trump is. Secondly, the author says he does not advocate pastors telling their parishioners how to vote, but rather how to “reprioritize their political hierarchies”. What is the result of this re-prioritization? Is it not to vote for someone else?
It isn’t that I don’t believe Trump is racist, but unfortunately the author (with this article) is precisely playing right into Trump’s hand and his repeal of the Johnson amendment, which he vowed to make one of his first priorities in office. I don’t believe it is the place of any SDA pastor to guide his/her members, directly or indirectly, to vote for or against any political candidate. A pastor may instead focus on how a political candidate’s policy in office will fit foretold prophetic events, but this too is already being done if we pay attention to the right preaching.

(Andy) #30

if anyone can’t see through the daily manifestation of demagoguery, bigotry, hate, vengefulness, attacking the premier law enforcement of the land for personal gain and preservation, consider yourself an accessory to the same depravity that is shocking the world on a daily basis.

No amount of good deeds or missionary acts can ever justify the willful support of someone who has not exhibited any regret or remorse of the willful denigration of moral values the church and constitution holds in high esteem.

The Whitehouse has become the Outhouse and the habitation of all the worst you could not have imagined, aided in large part to the “Christians” whose singular focus is in rewarding the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class and being very silent as the attacks on democracy and morality continue unabated by threats foreign and domestic.

Don’t worry about calling yourself Adventist or Christian but focus on who Jesus really is and follow Him if you do really wish based on His commandments and teachings about how to love God and others as you love yourself. Blessing and praying for those who curse you instead of taking vengeance on the poor, the needy and the least of those in society here and abroad. Please stop misusing EGW to justify anything. There’s an end coming to all the depravity that’s destroying families, churches and the country itself in time when everyone will be judged. Here’s the patience of the saints who keep the commandments of God to be the GOSPEL in every aspect of living.

(Andy) #31

Silent Christianity:
Were people from the “happy” countries like Norway forced to build the U.S.? Are people from the happy countries working the fields and roads and buildings to get you the cheap services and groceries? Did people from the happy countries come here and build companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and provide cheap IT services? Do you think that people from from the happy countries build all the gadgets which are sold for mega profits by American companies who then find offshore havens to hide from paying taxes?

Those who think that the present leader is or was the lesser of two evils, what exactly is your version of the Gospel? Has he ever expressed remorse or regret for any misdeeds done thus far? Why does he keep getting overt and covert support from many including “Christians” despite the obvious wrecking and chain massacre of all the democratic institutions and environmental safeguards that the country is built on?

Did John the Baptist lose his head for no reason or because he like other disciples risked his life for the sake of truth?

It seems like Christianity is very silent when it is supposed to scream for justice and fairness to flow like waters. Amos 5:21-24.

(Owen Adamson) #32

As Seventh-day Adventist Christians, we are in the world, but not of the world." Coming from down-under and looking up, it is very interesting to observe the issues developing in the US. This article has opened my eyes to the issues lurking within the church in the in the US & perhaps in my own country. As “committed” Christians our focus must always be on the eternal kingdom, and our love for our fellow man - black, red, white or yellow. As we are not of this world we should be careful as to where our patriotism is focused, on this world, or God’s eternal kingdom?

(Harry Elliott) #33

I have been a registered Republican for seven decades and I assert that recognizing these characteristics in Donald Trump is not partisan politics!

(Alfred Jones) #34

Moses’s wife was a woman of color.