On the BRI’s Hermeneutics Book—Adventist Voices

In this cursory conversation about the Biblical Research Institute’s recently published Biblical Hermeneutics: An Adventist Approach, I talk with Jon-Philippe Ruhumuliza, a graduate of Andrews University and Emory University’s Candler School of Theology.

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In the interview I wish they spent time in specific details of the theological issues. Most of the interview was looking at the big picture in which I was not sure what they were trying to say.

The Biblical Research Institute, (BRI), is the church’s effort, which corresponds most to that of the Catholic Church’s Roman Curia. For the most part, the BRI is comprised of theologians that continue to subscribe to thought, which can be called Reformation Theology. If it is to have any semblance of intelligent theological discourse/understanding, it must open its membership to more Adventist women and men who truly understand Jesus’ earthly ministry, an amazing focus on the importance of inclusivity, and a much more intelligent understanding of why Jesus condescended in the first place.

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