One Step Closer

Some good points here. Even though I believe in many of the “democratic” ideals, I cannot condone the behavior and hypocrisy of the party who divides us now. I disagree with the comments against Obama, a respected but inexperienced president with charisma.

I guess she never read Ruth.

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Tim –
You forgot the wife of Moses. Miriam’s reaction.


A really subjective viewpoint with little to back it up. It all depends on what news you hear, peer pressure, how one interprets events. Signs of Christ’s coming have little or nothing to do with politics but a sinful world in rebellion. He is not a party member and sincere caring people are on both sides. There is more than one solution to our political problems, but the demonic part is the division and hatred one for another and an unwillingness to compromise and a determination to get power. There is so much duplicity/hypocrisy, I don’t see how anyone can take sides.