Online Event: Alexander Carpenter at the Asheville Forum

On Saturday, April 22, at 3 p.m. (eastern time), Alexander Carpenter will present “On Giving an Adventist Buck” for the online meeting of the Asheville Adventist Forum chapter.

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Will I hear my ears ringing?

will this counter-narrative be able to sustain the needs of a 20 million-member Church…it would be nice if our Church could take in even more money and distribute it to our schools, so that tuition costs could be lowered…

Did you mean to say “burning”?

(I suspect your ears are constantly ringing given how closely I’ve heard you claim to be working “on the side of the angels”.:wink:)


We love you,Cliff. You guys come visit my husband and me sometime in Birmingham.

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Obviously, the same goes for me, @Cliff !

If you’re ever visiting The Magic Kingdom, please look me up.

We might even be able to get together with @bartwillruth, play a round of golf and talk about how we went to different schools together!

How does next Saturday sou…oops, I usually go to the movies with my wife on Saturday mornings.

Maybe some Sunday!?!?



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