Open Letter to Ted Wilson From Your Hebrew Teacher

An Open Letter To: Pres. Ted N. C. Wilson General Conference of SDA 12501 Old Columbia Pike Silver Spring, MD 20904-1600

Dear Pastor Ted:

Please read thoughtfully in the book of Acts, chapters 2, 10-11, and 15. In our day the Holy Spirit is leading our Church to take advanced steps as He did at the Council of Acts 15.

In Western societies we can no longer tolerate the Church’s gender discrimination. Such prejudices as that and racism should be overcome at conversion if the converts could be taught by people who have overcome them, themselves. The Holy Spirit is now saying to the Adventist Church in North America, Europe and Australia to stop dilly-dallying and proceed to ordain the called, trained, effective women pastors and stop this unchristian discrimination. Otherwise we will lose the whole next generation and the Latter Rain cannot come.

The subject has been well studied for years.—The Welcome Table (1995) and the Seminary’s Women in Ministry (1998) contained well-researched, top-quality chapters years ago. The Western Churches that are ready to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading will show the way to the other countries’ Churches; they will not split the Church—but if you try to stop what the Holy Spirit is leading to be accomplished, you will split the Church!

Peter and Paul had to break down the wall between Jews and Gentiles in their day (Gal 3:28). In our day we must break down the walls of racism and gender discrimination. As I told you months ago, I pray every day that God will help you be a shepherd and not a dictator. I hope that prayer will be answered.

With warm regards,

your Hebrew teacher, nearly 96, Leona G. Running Professor emerita of Biblical Languages, Ph.D. DHL Seminary, Andrews University

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Interesting letter! I wish that Leona G. Running had the time learn that the “Thy Way O’ God Is in thy Sanctuary” (Psalm 77:13). The Sanctuary is the blue print for the church, in all service. And the High-Priest was a man. Is not the church addressed as the Sanctuary?
Hopefully probation will not run the end of its course before others have the chance to understand God’s will for his people.


the sanctuary was a type as was the male priest. with the installation of Christ as our High a Priest, it became the priesthood of all believers. gender was no longer an issue. The term now is pastor. women have been shepherds for centuries. Tom Z

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(Acts 7:37,38) Refers to the church as receiving the (oracles) from God, More specifically, From Jesus. Since it was Christ that gave instruction to Moses and the Israelites (1Corinthians 10:4).

(1Kings 6:16,21,23) Refers to the oracle as (The most Holy place). This is where the law, precepts, & judgment exist. More specifically the Investigative judgement. This is the root of salvation, the 3 angel message, and the blue print for the church. Do we not call the church the Sanctuary? Yes. (2 Chronicles 7:8) Even calls Israel the (congregation) Which is the church.

We come to realization that the high-priest was the ante-type of Jesus in the ministration of the Sanctuary, and man is the ante-of Christ as head of the church. (Ephesians 5:22,23)

Even when Jesus became our high-priest, Paul was preaching of the (oracles) still being taught to God’s people (Hebrews 5:12). But we can take it further by explaining that Authority is that of the man in teaching.
For Adam was formed first and was not deceived (1Timothy 2:12,13,14)

And Adam was the Priest of his family as all men are that are called of God, But not of the women, As stated by Ellen White (Child Guidance, pg,535 and Patriarchs and Prophets 53-55).

A Priest is authorized, specifically by position and heritage, Just as a Bishop is. That is why it is called a office (a bishop) because they are specifically given authority over the church (1Timothy 3:1-5). And they have one wife. If that also refers to a women that would be an abomination.

It is no surprise that Sara called Abraham (Lord), ante-type (1Peter 3:6). And the (Lord) is called the Husband (Jeremiah 31:32) Archetype.

Blessings Always

That sounds very magisterial to me.

It doesn’t sound quite as magisterial as the Letter from Heaven to the General Conference, to me, but right up there.

When I responded to the magisterial tone of the “Letter from Heaven,” Spectrum deleted this quote I posted here:

Marshall McLuhan: The medium is the message.

I don’t see anything proscribing short Marshall McLuhan quotes in the posting guidelines.

Apparently, Spectrum just didn’t like my opinion that the medium is the message when SDAs take it upon themselves to speak for God.

So they selectively deleted it.

In my opinion, anonymous, hidden censorship is a medium that is also a message, if anyone cares to notice.

I’m not saying that Sigve doesn’t have a right to lecture the GC from on high, or that Spectrum doesn’t have a right to publish it, or that Leona doesn’t have a right to lecture Ted Wilson as if she’s speaking for the Holy Spirit.

I’m also not saying that Spectrum doesn’t have a right to change my posts and/or delete them without notice, and say whatever its wants about the reasons.

Spectrum can honor my request to delete my account, then undelete it, or whatever it wants to do with me.

Adventism can’t escape its “sensitivity to initial conditions,” it seems.

An authoritarian view of God will out in every case.

Annoying as I surely am, I only ever speak/ lecture for myself, as in this also-deleted remark I made:

The doubletalk in Adventism has never been more opaque than at present.

But never before has the wisdom of this verse struck me more forcefully:

God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.

I promise I’ll work on that, with or without Spectrum’s “assistance.” :slight_smile: