Oregon Conference Calls on GC to Comply with Tithe Policy

(Elmer Cupino) #45

Evidence of the presence of many good people in spite of a few rotten apples?

(Carlo Schroeder) #46

I forgot that each conference has a constitution, which has be formulated constituency, hopefully through a legal voting process. Now, from experience in policy creation, a constitution can incorporate not only believes and structure, but also financial perimeters on how funds are allocated. So any conference through a vote can stipulate fund allocation, and that is legal. Unfortunately, when some assumed that they a leader of a organisation, they demand always more, but it is the constituent assembly who decides actually how much money should be sent.

(Carlo Schroeder) #47

Hi elmer_cupino, there are many faithful workers in the church, unfortunately their “bosses” are thief’s, who’s only desire is money and power. In many countries we need structure, because the government requires it, and if we don’t do something, the government will close us down.


Heather, I have noticed that when I reply to an individual, too. However, I can see that another poster replied to someone, including your reply to Carlo. I am on a mobile device, so maybe that changes the layout.

(Dan Springer) #49

i’ve seen this happen also. about the time it would happen to me, i would find a different conference/mission to return my tithe to,

(Joselito Coo) #50

Everybody knows as well as I do that members of ethnic churches send back tithe to local congregations, missions/conferences in their homeland. Don’t donors have rights, too? In case you haven’t heard, since the '70s the Korean Union Mission/Conference have kept their tithes for their sole use because, according to them, their country’s law forbade church funds from leaving the country.:sunglasses:

(Joselito Coo) #51

How about respecting donor’s rights? If the Oregon Conference has a grievance against their members, shouldn’t they settle it with them first, before writing an open letter to the GC?

No. Donors have rights. Instead of compliance, the issue is grievance on the part of the Oregon Conference leadership vs the donor member. I believe there’s church policy regarding settling grievances

(Elmer Cupino) #52

I’m with you. I send $ to other organizations, including the PI, because I still have to find a bible text that says “Thus saith the Lord, give your tithes only to the SDA church.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Donors do have rights. The contention at hand is the church policy. Why make policies that cannot be enforced? Or better still, why would the GC enforce polices on others when they themselves cannot comply with their own policy?

(Robert Lindbeck) #53

I think, and I could be wrong, the command was to return to a specific place, for a specific purpose - the support of the Temple and the Levites. It was not to a place or purpose of our choosing.

(Robert Lindbeck) #54

Donors have rights if they are Ivins a charitable donation to a charity and mark it for a specific purpose. If the payment was specified as tithe, the GC are bund by their own working policy to return it to the conference for whence I originated.
If it was sent as tithe, and sent to the GC, it suggests Tha the donor does not trust the local church, conference, union or division. To miss so many levels of the church to pay tithe, if that is what it was, says “I don’t trust all these levels.”

(Joselito Coo) #55

Deut 14 (The Message)

27 Meanwhile, don’t forget to take good care of the Levites who live in your towns; they won’t get any property or inheritance of their own as you will.

28-29 At the end of every third year, gather the tithe from all your produce of that year and put it aside in storage. Keep it in reserve for the Levite who won’t get any property or inheritance as you will, and for the foreigner, the orphan, and the widow who live in your neighborhood. That way they’ll have plenty to eat and God, your God, will bless you in all your work.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #56

Games people play. Dad was building a Girls Dorm at AUC prior to WWII, His budget including furnishing. The President came to dad and asked him to order two more single beds, They would be for his growing sons. Dad said, of course, please give me the cost of those two beds and I will place the order. no funds were added so no extra beds were ordered.,

(Johnny Carson) #57

Ok, yes. I agree with you so let me ask you a simple question:

Do you have direct knowledge and proof that the Oregon Conference has NOT tried to handle this privately?

NO _____

(Johnny Carson) #58

I’d kick 'em out and make 'em pay for their own lunch! :open_mouth::innocent:

(Johnny Carson) #59

Those were my own drum beats, @elmer_cupino hahaha :rofl::joy:

(G) #60


I’ve never responded to any article until now. Why would you not pray for TW or any of the leaders? Are they not worthy of the same treatment the Bible commands us? And why are you so :triumph: angry? That type of anger is not from God and it is not good for your health nor your mind.

(Elmer Cupino) #61

Dr. Tichy @GeorgeTichy is a skilled psychologist with extensive professional history who no doubt knows what is good for his health and mind, not to mention what is good for others health and mind too. All I know is if you were to store up your anger, someday the dam will break so better to “huff and puff” now before reaching that dam’s threshold.

(George Tichy) #62

That’s actually it Elmer. I reaffirm that the only thing that is really relevant is the LOCAL CHURCH. This should be the focus of attention. The rest should be a simple denominational structure to keep things together.

The GC completely lost the ability to “keep things together.” The only UNITY the GC shows to be able to promote is the unity of everyone against the GC. Hope this will be able to defeat the malignant plan to create a Compliance Task Force, Soviet style. Time to dissolve the GC. Send those pastors back to pastoring churches!!!

(George Tichy) #63

That money is gone for good. I bet it has already been “properly invested” and can’t be touched now.

Who audits the GC? Hmmm, probably… the GC, uh?
Case closed!

(George Tichy) #64

By Church rules, Missions do not send money out.
This is why when the GC threatened to make PUC and CUC into Missions, they quickly abandoned the idea, because then the big money from those two Unions would stop being remitted to the GC. The GC cannot afford not receiving the money from those two Unions. So simple.