Our man in San Francisco: devil, doctrines, and doing the Lord's work

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As part of the Spectrum Blog's commitment to exploring Adventism, Trevan Osborn, a blogger and seminary student writes about his experience at an evangelistic series in San Francisco this Fall.Here are some quotes from this last week. To get the whole as it unfolds, click here.

"Once again, I have a problem with the sermon subject tonight. I don’t have a problem with talking about the Great Controversy and the Devil but I don’t like the placement. As I thought about the first two nights I realized that from our series thus far, people have learned more about the Devil than about God."

"Money is a powerful motivator. One man actually brought 10 people tonight and the evangelist gave him 100 dollars. It really was amazing and he was really excited about it. This wasn’t an Adventist either. . ."

"We were back up to typical numbers of probably about 60-75 people. Typically, there is a dip in attendance after an off day but by the end of the evening we were doing well."

"We went to the main street and decided to visit the businesses and leave flyers with them. We talked with a few people on the street as well. I noticed that everyone has a story they want to tell. Many people just want someone to listen to them."

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