Our man in San Francisco: What’s funny is that our evangelist probably spends the most money on his looks of anyone in the auditorium

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Experiencing perhaps the worst evangelistic series ever, Trevan Osborn writes: "There was pressure being put on to baptize the young kids but luckily we said that we needed to teach them and work with them before that. One of the kids who wanted to be baptized asked me what the pool was for when he saw it. Yes, I’m not kidding, he was going to be baptized even though he had no clue what was going on."Note: The Spectrum Blog attended the meeting on Friday night. The evangelist actually took $40 from his pocket and gave it to someone who brought two people. As Trevan noted before, $100 was given to someone earlier in the series for bringing people. I've heard of "rice Christians"but here the evangelistic leadership in Central California Conference is apparently willing to buy the souls directly.

The evangelist spent the majority of the sermon on baptism talking about how he saw people raped in prison and described the act in detail several times. He speaks with less than a middle school understanding of grammar. During the call for baptism, the bible worker rounded up six kids, all preteens and herded them to the front.

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